Military Life / Move

And the Lists Go On…

So, we are military…well, HB is, and it’s that time again.  PCS time.  For you none military folks that means Permanent Change of Station.  In other words, we are moving.  To Japan.  To be more specific…the island of Okinawa.  In less than 2 months!  Yikes!  Bring on the “to do” lists.  I’m currently sitting by one now that is our this weekend to-dos.  It’s only 13 things, so far.  No worries.  (inner shudder)

Did I mention all our furniture has been packed and shipped?  Of course not, this is my first post.  Anywho, I sit writing on one of those foldable moon chairs with the computer on my lap and my tea and snack on a TV tray table.  Yep, we are living large!  I’m not sure how to describe our nights on the queen size blow up mattress.  Lets just say one good bounce could send HB flying into the wall.  (Hmmm…dive bomb!)  Maybe not, if it pops then we’re on the floor.  I’m gettin’ too old for floor sleeping.

ImageOhhhh…guess what HB told me this evening?  He ate some Nutella Banana Bread I adapted from Pinterest and told me it’s The Best Bread I’ve Ever Made!  What, what!  Guess I’ll have to share that one soon.  That’s a seriously high compliment from him.  His Portuguese taste buds can be danged hard to please.

Btw, what’s up with the whole customer service experience nowadays?  Let me just say that I really miss the ole “treat others as you would have them treat you” adage.  Technology is great but it has seriously hampered peoples abilities to communicate properly face to face and over the phone.

Ok, I totally have better things than this to talk about but it’ll have to wait until I’ve had some sleep and stalked a few more blogs for blogspiration.  I’m sure that’s a word somewhere…if not, it is now!  Ha.

Night all and check out one of our cutie pootie pups that will be accompanying us abroad.  Isn’t he adorbs?!Image



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