Coffee / High Maintenance / Nails

Nail Nirvana

I love nails…the fake kind.  As in going to a salon and having someone put all that unnatural gunk on my nails and make them look purty!  So sue me.  I like looking like I’m high maintenance even though I’m not!  (HB might disagree but hey, he’s just as bad if not worse!)  They make me feel put together and professional.  Even when I’m not.  Right now I am in the midst of taking a break from them, letting my nail beds “air out” and get some good nail growth.  Thing is…I can’t STAND IT ANYMORE!  Yes, I am screaming because dang it, I hate these fugly fingers!  (Does anyone else have problems with gook under their nails and feeling like a slob because it just. Won’t. go. Away.  Now I understand why people are always using a sharp implement to clean underneath them.  It always grossed me out but now, oh now, I am one of them.  *shudder*)


Purty Nails!


So, I got them did!  And they look purity!!  I got an idea off Pinterest.  Does anyone else have a slight addiction with Pinterest?  I love being just a little bit of a voyeur…seeing what others like, want, bake, dress, workout, and the lists go on.  I must say there isn’t many days that I don’t go on there and pin at least 1 thing.  Normally food.  Food Porn…not sure I like that term but it’s kinda appropriate.

Ok, gotta wrap this up….Pinterest is calling my name.  🙂  Do you Pinterest?  What’s your “pinterest porn?”


I ❤ Starbucks!

P.S.  Did I mention my side trip to Starbucks today?  Oh yeah, I definitely treated myself and I deserved it with all the stress from this move.


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