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Shoppers Anonymous

Outlets! Need I say more?
I love to shop. HB knows this all to well. His attempts to thwart my, at times, over zealousness for spending are mostly done by following me from store to store sighing in exasperation and asking me “don’t you already have one of those?” Or “What do you need that for?” And my personal fav “How many pairs of shoes do you need?!” That last one I will never be able to explain to him and he will never get it so I just laugh and press on.

Today we spent hours, yes I said hours, shopping at the outlets.  HB tagged along and did wonderfully!  🙂  I think it had a lot to do with our good friends who also went along.  Us gals had a good time walking from store to store window shopping, trying things one, and buying a few things every now and then.  I must say I did pretty well.  I didn’t buy one pair of shoes.  Ok, I lied…I bought a pair of running shoes but those don’t count.  I use them strictly for exercise and are an essential piece of my running.  They are functional.  So they don’t count…just go with it!

After a few hours we had to stop to refill our grumbly tummies.  This is what I ended up with:

Outbacks Lunch!

I also got some k-cups!  Never saw the Rooibos before…so excited!

Love me some Crazy Jamacian and Rooibos!

I’ll have to show you my skirt I got…wicked cute and only $20!  I love outlets!  Did I mention how much I love to shop, especially outlets?!  Nike, Under Armor (my absolute favorite running clothes!), Black and White, New York & Co, Harry & Davids (dark chocolate anyone?  Yes, please!)…the list goes on and on!  Those are just a few of the ones we visited and my favs!!

Btw…I forgot to post this the other day.  K had a bad weekend.  We had to fuss at him for lying about his homework.  Ended with him staying up quite late to get it done.  The next day after we got home from work he gave us both a hug and this:

Doing something right…

It warms my heart when the boys spontaneously show these types of mature behavior.  It makes me think we must be doing something right.  Nowadays it is hard.  Well, being a parent is hard no matter what day or age.  It takes a lot of love, understanding, patience, money (yep, I said it cuz it’s true…kids are expensive!), teaching, learning, and time.  But when little moments like these occur, well, it’s all worthwhile!  Love E & K!!  Those 2 boys are heart.

It was a great day!  Do you love to shop as much as I do?  Can you spend a whole day just browsing and picking up little things here and there?  Does your spouse join you or is he a typical man shopper…in, pay, get out!

Hope you had a great Saturday!



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