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I MISSED National Coffee Day!! What?!

Say it isn’t so!  I missed National Coffee Day yesterday.  How in the world did I let that nugget of information get past me?  I mean, I had seen something about it coming up but I didn’t mark my calendar.  What was I thinking?   How could I let such an important event slip away?  I guess I need to add that to my calendar since it isn’t a “recognized” holiday.  Why isn’t it a recognized holiday?  It should be.  Just sayin’!  I know you agree with me.  Let’s start a petition to make it one.  It would be a time to sit with friends and/or family while sipping on your favorite blend.  Maybe host a coffee tasting party.  Who wouldn’t want a day off to sit around and enjoy a steaming hot cup of delicious coffee?  People could give gifts of dark chocolate coffee beans and mugs.

I did, however, drink a few cups of joe and even tried a new blend.  Harry and David’s had their Maple Blend out to try.  It was very delicious.  Almost dessert like.  I also made up for it by getting a Starbucks Grande Skinny Salted Caramel Mocha this morning.  Happy Belated National Coffee Day to me!

This morning K and I went for a run.  3 miles to be exact.  That kid can run…he’s got that natural gait.  I envy him.  K didn’t want to go but I bribed him with some of my coffee.  (Yep, a little coffee lover in the making.)  Don’t worry, I only let him have a few swallows worth.  Believe me, he doesn’t need extra oomph.  That boy is a little energizer bunny.  He keeps going and going.  Today he left me in the dust during the last 2 miles.  I tried to keep up with him; I’m not a fast runner.  He was pushing 8-minute miles which I managed to do for the second mile.  I had to take a walk break though…K was kind enough to stop and stroll with me.  (He was also kind enough to tell HB that I sounded like I was having a baby with the way I was huffin’ and puffin’!  Twerp.)  When we started back up I told him to go ahead.  I felt like I was holding him back but shouldn’t have worried cuz he took off and left me in his dust.  I hope to encourage him to continue running.  That kid could be a great asset to a cross country team some day.

Speaking of shoes, I found a new pair!!  What?  I was talking about running so therefore the shoes are implied.  Duh.  Just follow the thought process and go with it. Our local BX (which is basically like a retail store) had Vibram FiveFingers!!!!  SCORE!  It was fate as they were the last pair and they fit!  *happy dance*  Oh yeah I was singing and whistling my way through the store after that find.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve been wanting a pair for quite a while but was afraid to order from online due to the different sizing.  Did I mention how pretty the colors are?  A lilac-y, with yellow and gray.  I am super excited to try them out.  Slowly though…let’s not get kooky here and cause an injury.  I’m a heel striker so I gotta relearn my feet/legs into the proper gait.  One step at a time.  Not sure how much HB will like walking around with me in the store wearing them though.  😉

Since I’m talking about running I gotta ask a couple questions of fellow runners.  (Ok, so these are slightly embarrassing topics here so apologies if I offend anyone.)  Ladies, what is up with the headlights coming on while running?  I mean, do you have that problem?  (Headlights=nipples for those who don’t follow.)  It’s kinda embarrassing to look down or see a picture after a run with those things on high beams!  Not even sure what to do about it other than some tape or extra padding.  I hate both ideas so I guess I’ll just continue to do what I normally do…ignore it and act like it isn’t there.  (Kinda hard to do though when they are staring at you…seems to mesmerize the eyes, of men mostly.  Look away fellas…look away!)  The second one is even more embarrassing, if that’s possible.  Bowels.  What is up with the sudden urge to go afterwards?  Especially #2!  I don’t know how many times I’ve had to make a mad dash to the toilet…cheeks squeezed as tight as possible.  I’ve seen the pics of some people not so lucky to make it.  OMG I would die!  Thing that gets me is how unpredictable it can be.  One race or run I’m fine.  Another day I barely stop and find myself hightailing it to the nearest potty.  The tummy is a mysterious place.  Do you have embarrassing moments when you run, workout, or whatever exercise you do?  Seriously, is this just a running thing?

Sooo…now that I’ve over shared, hope you’ll come back to read again.  Don’t worry I won’t over share like this every time.  Promise.  Just every now and then.

Happy Sunday!

A good Sunday!


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