Coffee / Move / WIAW

WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) and an Attitude Adjustment

So, this is a little peak into what I eat.  Jumping on the bandwagon from Peas and Crayons (check her blog, she’s awesome!) and the many, many others who are posting about their eats.

I’m gonna admit I went a little coffee crazy today.  (A tad more than normal.)  In my defense it was a co-workers fault!  He was going to get breakfast and offered to get me a Starbucks while there.  How could I say no?!  Seriously, Starbucks is my kryptonite.  Most people know this.  I was once again clapping like a little girl picking out her first kitty as he handed me the hot cup of deliciousness.  This means I have sucked down 3, yes 3, cups this morning.


Breakfast wasn’t one of my best:  Fage Greek Yogurt (my favorite), mozerella cheese stick, and few flourless Dark Choco Swirl PB cookies (recipe soon), 2 cup coffee w/sweet cream creamer; venti skinny cinnamon dolce latte, that made my day a bit brighter.

Lunch:  ½ Avacado, cucumber, chicken, motz cheese, and a handful of sweet potato chips from Food Should Tast This Good .  (OMG, if you haven’t tried these you gotta do it!  So good.  So, so good.)

Dinner:   Gluten Free Italian Sausage Lasagna + corn

Snacks:  Crystal Light Pure, Lemonade flavored water; 1/2 Larabar (yum); another cookie; a few dark chocolate covered strawberries; Banana Nutella Bread (Yummy for my tummy…recipe to come)

I’m gonna say that my eating hasn’t been very great lately.  This whole moving thing really throws everything out of whack.  I have about 1/8 the pots, pans, and various bake ware as normal and a dwindling pantry.  The dwindle is on purpose…you can’t ship a lot of foods overseas.  Especially opened stuff.  Not to mention fridge/freezer foods.  I am trying to be diligent and not over buy when I go food shopping along with using up what we already have in stock.  Here soon it will be kitchen sink meals…whatever we got is going in.

Stress is definitely coming into play on the food front.  I tend to swing hard in one direction or the other.  Not eating enough or eating too much.  Either isn’t good.  And quality certainly suffers.  Dinner is normally my best meal of the day since I have to take into account my HB and kiddos.  Quality food for them is high on my list of must do’s.  (I fail miserable at times but not for lack of trying.)

“Don’t waste time feeling guilty, just be grateful!”  Ok, I admit I got this quote from Private Practice.  Thing is, it hit home.  These last few days I have felt stressed, guilty, and downhearted.  The PCS (move) is taking its toll.  I can’t even begin to list all the reasons why…money is the biggest issue.  News Flash:  the military doesn’t pay the big bucks.  Me losing my job is gonna put a dent in our income.  Not the shopping cart hit the bumper kind, more like the texting teenager who smacks into the back of your car kind.  Then we have 2 vehicles to get rid of.  (Anyone looking to buy an RV?)  Don’t get me started on the upcoming holidays.  Oi-vay!  My mind is spinning.

But then the proverbial slap in the face.  Guess what girlie?  You’re still alive, you have your health, a wonderful family, friends, and a guaranteed paycheck and home (thanks to said military).  So, my attitude adjustment.  GRATEFULNESS!  I am grateful and give thanks for this day.  Another day with my family.  Another day I get a paycheck.  Another day I can work out.  Another day of food in my belly and a warm bed (even if it gives me a backache.)  🙂

What are you grateful for today?


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