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Stuck in a Loop

Ever had a song stuck in your head?  How about just a piece of one?  Yeah, well, try having one from a TV show stuck in there just going around and around.  “The stars at night are clean and bright <clap-clap, clap, clap> , deep in the heart of Texas!”  (Bonus points if you know what show that’s from…one of my favs btw).  My son was singing it first thing this morning and it has been bouncy around in my head in a never ending cycle since.  Ugh.  I need a new song, preferably something with more words.

We rented a car today since we need to put ours on the lot to sell.  It’s a Toyota Camry…pretty nice ride actually.  Cherry Red.  HB was just itching to take it for a spin. He’s kinda a car guy.  He even went shopping with me at Target and agreed not to hurry me along, I’m pretty sure just so he could drive it again.  He later told me he “might let me drive it sometime.”  Ha.  He thinks he’s so funny.

Found this at Target:


La Croix Sparkling Water…Cran Raspberry and also a Coconut flavor.  It’s just bubbly water with flavor…like having soda without all the artificial junk or sugar.  HB made a weird face.  I think I’m safe…it’ll all be mine.  Bwahahahahahahaaaa!

Our Target just went through a renovation and now has a small food section.  I must say I kinda like shopping there now on occasions.  They seem to have more diverse items than Walmart.  We even shop more at Safeway now.  (Ok, I admit that partially has to do with the fact that the one and only Starbucks is located there.)  I’m not so sure I will miss good ole Wally-world all that much.  Ok, I may be recanting those words in a few months.

Let’s talk weather.  Fall will be in full swing tomorrow.  It was in the low 80s today and the high for tomorrow…53!  I foresee some baking, sweaters, and hot coffee/tea.  Oh, and Zuppa Toscana…Bre style.  Yum!  (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.  HB and the kids say it’s even better than the restaurant.  High Praise.)

Well, time to surf Pinterest.  Need some more ideas on what to do with stuff I have left in the pantry.

Are you a bit of a Pinterest-aholic like me?

P.S.  The show is Big Bang Theory.  Luv me some Sheldon…Ba-zinga!


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