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Recipe Disaster & A Workout

Have you ever tried a new recipe and have it come out like poo?  I have…quite a few times.  Especially in my forays of gluten free (GF) cooking.  Good grief Charlie Brown!  It’s like going for the football kick thinking, “I GOT THIS!” and having it pulled out from under you at the last minute.  *sigh*  I had high hopes for my second try at my GF pumpkin donut holes.  They looked good all the way through the baking…and then I broke one open.  It wasn’t donut like, more truffle like.  So not what I was going for.  I even cooked them an extra 5 minutes too.

So, I salvaged it…not purty but edible.

Somethin’ Pumpkin Bars

I made it into a cookie bar base and threw some coconut butter/Nutella/SunButter on top with candied pecans.  HB was very skeptical.  Then he ate 2 pieces…guess it wasn’t that bad.  😉  Still it was frustrating to think I had a field goal in sight and then BAM, I fall flat on my back.  I’m running out of ingredients to get this recipe right, also out of time.  I can’t buy too much more as we are getting low on time to use it.  And I do not want to throw that stuff away…it’s danged expensive!  I’ll give it one more go and then back burner it for after the move.

It’s been at least a week few days since I grumbled about our air mattress.  I feel the need to repeat: it SUCKS!  Pardon my language.  HB can’t get comfortable and ends up sprawled out forcing me onto the side.  Not to mention the bouncy house feel of it!  Just 2 ½ weeks until we get to sleep on a real bed.

Wow, so I just found out about a new fruit!  Kiwi Berries.  Featured on this blog:  All the flavor of a kiwi with none of the fuzz, she says!  I gotta find me some of these.  K would love them as he is a big Kiwi fan.  Learnt me sumthin’ new.  I’m good now and can call it a day.

Ok, I’ve put on here that I am into fitness but have yet to post much on it.  So here’s a peak at what I have been doing lately to keep my shape.  This morning I got up and walked down the stairs (every step counts!) to get my mornin’ cup of wake up!  Yum!  Ok, now my body is more awake.  So off to the fitness fun (approx 30 minutes including the sips):

50- Toy soldiers

100- jumping jacks

100- quick change lunges with arms

50- ab pulses

25- roll-ups/v-ups

(sip coffee and do a load of laundry)

100- jumping jacks

100- quick change lunges w/arms

30- calf raises (reg)

30- calf raises (pigeon toe)

30- calf raises (toes out)

50- standing leg raise crunches

(sip coffee and clean living room)

100- jumping jacks

100- QCs w/arms

50- wacky jacks

60- 60/40s w/last five each side plyo

I will also be hitting the gym this evening for a round of elliptical.   I also went for a 2-mile walk with Babygirl, one of our dogs.  Trying to break in my Achilles, I mean Vibrams.  Definitely will teach me to not heel strike!

Yesterday was a 2-mile run.  I’ll admit that I need to work on my strength training regime.  In my defense, all my equipment is currently unavailable and I abhor using the weights at the gym.  (I have a few stories I’ll have to share on why at some point.)

Do you like to workout at the gym or do you prefer being at home?


2 thoughts on “Recipe Disaster & A Workout

  1. Bisquick Gluten Free baking mix has a biscuit recipe on the box that you might be able to build your pumpkin donut hole recipe from. I have even been able to replicate the coffee cake recipe from the original bisquick. Just remember to use the biscuit recipe as a base, because it gives a ratio that is helpful to work from. The pancake and waffle recipes are very good as well. BTW love the blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed your humor and frankness.

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