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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today is one of those blue skies, crisp air, slightly breezy fall days.  Perfect.  And to make it better, it’s Friday!!

Colors of Fall

I had to stop by Starbucks today for my weekly treat.  Unfortunately ours is the kind that is inside a Safeway and not very large.  Even more unfortunate, they don’t stay stocked very well.  Today they were out of lids for all hot drinks.  Seriously?!  And they were out of the salted caramel sprinkley thingys too.  Ugh.  The one silver lining…no lids means an upgrade apparently.  🙂

No Lid=Venti!

Oh yeah, paid for a grande but got a venti!  Ahhh…sweet nectar of life.


Well, HB is on a road trip.  So what is a gal supposed to do when the HB is away?  Shop of course!  😉  Got me a Kohl’s fix and headed to Target too.  Guess what I found at Target?  Gelado imported from Italy!  Guess what else…it’s freakin’ DELICIOUS!  Better be for $5 a carton.  Hidin’ that in the back of the freezer behind the veggies!  E & K won’t think to look there.  HeeHee  (Do you have to hide stuff from your kids or even spouse in order to have any?  I so do!  These twerps are eating me out of house and home.)

On a seperate note, my calves are screamin’ from my workout yesterday.  Not sure if it was the 60 calf raises or the long walk w/1 1/2 minute run in the Vibrams but man are they sore!  My feet too.  Glad I am easing into them.  Hate to see how they would feel if I had tried a normal run in them.

Check the artwork K brought home today!  My little artist in the making:

I also got this picture of my hooligans.

Any crazy plans for your weekend?


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