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Saturday Shenanigans

Happy Weekend!  With HB not here I didn’t sleep well.  So I was up sooner than I wanted to be.  After a late night of reading that didn’t help my mood much.   A coffee and some more reading helped and then it was time to be  responsible parent and take the kids for their haircuts.  They were both pretty shaggy.  E &K look so much better now…high and tight w/K’s swirled to the right.  🙂

Fall Fun after Haircuts

The weather is awfully chilly, to me anyways, but it’s been full of sunshine.  Fall is in full swing and I couldn’t in good conscience stay away from our local orchard any longer.  The call of their cider donuts was just too much to bear!  And the lure of their cinnamon sugared pecans…so enticing!  The crisp apples, bright orange pumpkins, and smell of hay.  Fall indeed.  We stocked up on donuts and pecans but held off on the pumpkins until HB gets back.  I did however find some Strawberry and Blueberry Condiment.  The visions of a spinach salad covered in almonds, berries, and a drizzle of one of these had me grabbing them off the shelf.  Gonna have to hold back though…no way I can use those up in the next few weeks.  Bubble wrap and a box are in their future but I will for sure be busting them out once we get there!  I’m having trouble holding back the drool just thinking about that salad…next topic please!

Apples, Donuts, and Drizzles

Of course what weekend wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Walmart?  So we went there to stock up on a few things for the week.  I found these chips there, Popcorn Indiana Chipins, jalapeño ranch flavor.  GF!  Pretty tasty too.  A bit of a nice kick on the end and slightly sweet crunch from the start.  I also found some Ben & Jerry’sFrozen Greek Yogurt in these mini cups!  The flavors:  Banana Peanut Butter and Raspberry Fudge Chunk.  The size is not only cute but perfect…and it has it’s own little spoon.  (You guessed it, they are stashed in the back of the fridge behind the veggies.)  😉  There goes that danged drool again!

Yummy in my Tummy

Those Chobani flips…tried the Chocolate Chip Raspberry this morning.  It was good but not every breakfast good.  The taste was creamy but not as thick as Fage‘s.  While the yogurt wasn’t overly sweet the raspberry part was a tad sweet with the typical raspberry tang.  I was totally not paying attention when I picked it up at the store.  The amount of sugars is kinda high and protein isn’t nearly as good as Fage’s.  I would say it is more a every now and then breakfast or dessert.  Overall it was tasty though.  I’m not sure what other flavors they have but so far I’d give them a thumbs up.

Once home, the chores of the day stared me in the face and I scoffed at them.  I was feeling tea time and some TV.  Of course, Dirty Dancing was on!  “I carried a watermelon.”  “No one puts Baby in a corner.”  It’s one of those movies I can watch over and over.  The ending especially.  I so wish I could dance like that!

PMS means pissed at men syndrome!  Just got that tidbit from a movie…so using that!

Well, I got side tracked by a sad movie.  The Last Song…Miley Cyrus can’t act worth a bean in that movie but it was still a tear jerker!  And now, My Sister’s Keeper!  I must be cruisin’ for a crying jag.  (P.S.  If you haven’t read the book…it’s twice as good as the movie.  Most are.  Case in point…Hunger Games, Twilight series, and just about all the John Grisham novels made into a movie.)  They never can get all the impact of the words into the movie.

I think I need to salve my soul with ice cream, or chocolate….maybe both!  (Good thing HB isn’t here…he still doesn’t know what to think of me when I watch these types of movies.  LoL)

Do you cry when you watch movies?  (even if it’s because of the terrible acting, or maybe in-spite of it?)


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