10 Things About Me + Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Monday Feeling

10 Things About Me

  1. I’m a tad OCD about locking doors.  We don’t live in a bad neighborhood or anything.  Heck, we live in a fenced, gated community.  However, as a young girl our house was broken into while we were all fast asleep.  Some druggy looking for money, said the cops.  He threw a large cinderblock through the back sliding glass door.  Sounded like a gunshot.  Everyone in the family slept with a weapon next to the bed or under the pillow for quite some time after…mine was a baton.  Don’t laugh…I was all set to twirl the crap outta anyone trying to get through the door!  Thus the OCD…doors are locked and checked, sometimes triple checked.  If HB wants to mess with me he’ll tell me he “thinks” he locked all the doors.  UGH!
  2. Along the same lines as the locked doors, I also hate having blinds up/curtains open at night.  I feel vulnerable.  People can stand outside and see everything going on inside but you can’t see out.  **CA-REEPY!**  Nope…blinds down and curtains drawn.  No free shows at our house!
  3. I loved my first cat so much that I wanted to have him stuffed by a taxidermist when he died.  (My grandmother happened to be one.  Kawinky-dink, I think not.)  HB talked me out of it…he told me it would just make me sad to see him curled there lifeless.  He also said it was just weird.   So, no stuffed cat on our mantle.  (I miss you Fluffy!)
  4. Until about 5 years ago I couldn’t eat fish, or even stand the smell of it!  I had a severe reaction to some bad fish sticks as a child.  After that I could barely stand the smell of them much less the thought of swallowing any.  Yuck!  This was quite a big deal when we moved to Alaska.  Imagine the surprise of the many fishermen when I said no thanks to their salmon and halibut.  (The Salmon Bake is a huge thing there and I always walked by the fish…people gave me quite the look.)   FYI…no matter how much people say it, Halibut Does Not Taste Like Chicken!!   I can now tolerate small amounts of it but tuna still overwhelms me.
  5. I used to be a dental assistant.  A good job but it gets old staring at people’s mouths all day long.  There were times when some people came in and I had to double mask…raunchy doesn’t even begin to describe it!  Much love to dentists, assistants, and hygienists though…you guys Rock!
  6. I’m currently working on my degree through online resources.  I wish I had gone to college sooner but if wishes were fishes we’d all be fat and happy!
  7. I got married at a young age.  HB and I were engaged before I even graduated high school…much to my parents chagrin.  They used to, kinda jokingly, call him a “cradle robber.”  I think they finally stopped when I hit 30.  😉
  8. Being a military brat and married to a military man has afforded me many moving opportunities:  12 (if I counted properly).  That’s an average of a move every 2.8 years.  You’d think I’d be better at the whole change thing!  (Btw, that doesn’t include the moves to different homes within those moves.)  You’d think I ‘d have room arranging down to a science…nope!
  9. I’m a messy cook!  No, seriously messy.  HB loves to make fun of me…he can’t quite get how someone can cook so well and make such a mess at the same time.  It’s a talent really.  I end up with flour, or whatever, everywhere…my face, pants, countertops, floors, etc.  I’m trying to get better.  No really, I have even been using a large bowl a la Rachel Ray to contain my mess.  It doesn’t always work.  ^_-
  10. I’m always cold.  Like wearing sweaters when most people have on t-shirts and shorts.  In comparison, HB and the boys are furnaces…always warm.  This gets to be real fun (NOT) at night when I want a comforter and HB has on 2 fans…one for the room in general and one pointed directly on himself!  Brrrrr!

Ok, moving on.  Dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds!  O.M.G.  So good.  A little sweet, a little tangy, melty yet crunchy.  So glad I picked these up from the Harry and David store in the outlets a few weeks ago.  I kinda ate all the dark chocolate covered bing cherries before I could take a picture.  Never fear, I have some dark chocolate covered raspberries to immortalize.  You could probably cover an insect in dark chocolate and it would taste good!  Ok, maybe not and let’s not get crazy here…besides that’d just be a waste of dark chocolate.  A party foul if there ever was one!!

Snack time!

I have some of the best friends!  One of them just dropped by my office to give me a $15 Starbucks gift card.  *happy dance in my seat*  M, you’re awesome and thanks for being a friend!

Ok, so I was gonna make my recipe tonight and post it on here but I changed my mind after hitting the gym (tired) and seeing this recipe (made me drool) at Peas and Crayons blog.  Brown butter chocolate chip cookies!  I had just the right amount of Ghirardelli chips left in the bag so I figured it was Kizmit.  Plus, I’ve never tried brown butter anything…why not try it now?  Go ahead…do it!  You’ll be glad you did.  (Mine have a dash of cinnamon…otherwise followed her recipe.)  I’ve managed to hold back and only eat one.  I only ate it cuz I needed a shot of the cookie on the inside…yeah, that’s the story and I’m sticking to it!

Recipe Courtesy of Peas and Crayons

P.S.  Hurry home HB!  The kids and I miss you.  ❤  (Don’t know if any of these cookies will be left…sorry.)


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