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Food Conundrum + What I Ate Wednesday

I keep scarfing down my food before I take a picture of it.  Soooo…I am “recreating” the scene of the crime.  Thankfully I am a leftovers type of girl.  Leftovers occur in my house for one of two reasons:  I made way too much and/or the kids thought it was “yuck!”  Lately it seems it’s the yuck factor.

What it is with kids and their ever changing taste buds?  E wouldn’t touch anything with cheese just a few months ago and now he gives me this “Duh, Mom!” look when I ask him about cheese.  K, on the other hand, is growing more picky!  He seems to be cultivating a connoisseurs taste buds, telling me it’s too spicy or could use more salt.

I digress.  Back to WIAW.  (Ok, this is really Tuesday’s meals but whatev, it counts.)

Morning:    Coffee of course!  (Don’t expect a pic of that, ever!  I suck it down too fast for pictures.)
Fage Greek yogurt with blueberry
Slice Banana Bread w/Nutella (don’t judge…I have a huge jar I gotta use up!  That’s what I keep telling myself.)
Lunch:      Chicken/Beef Taco Salad.  Yes, you read right.  Chicken and beef.  I cook up some taco meat but also had leftover shredded chicken so I used them both.  Along with the refried beans from the night before.  (See, leftovers…twice already!)  Add some cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, Feta cheese, and salsa to make a Bomb of a salad!
2 brown butter cookies (leftovers again…surprisingly!)
Snack:      Cinnamon Chips
Dinner:     Buffalo Shredded Chicken w/sweet potato fries and cherry tomatoes (I ate the chicken quickly as we had to go pick up HB and then picked at the fries and tomatoes while driving.  I’m multi-talented that way folks!)
Snack:      Moz cheese stick, ½ brown butter cookie, and small slice banana bread w/nutella (again. what?  It’s good!)

It’s getting harder to come up with things using my dwindling supply of pantry items.  Some items are things we really don’t eat much anymore.  So I am in the conundrum of usage vs throwaway vs donate.  I hate wasting food.  And yet, I don’t want to eat certain things that I know don’t meet my health standards anymore.  A few things I can donate.  A few things don’t have enough left to cause heart palpitations if I toss it.  But there are those iffy items…they leave me in limbo.  Use it?  Throw it?  I don’t feel right donating some of them…the expiration is too close or it’s not really something I believe they would use/need.  So, I am left with the usual suspects…work and friends!  Put together a big box and let the vultures, I mean wonderful people, take what they want?

My other food conundrum is trying to use up those items I don’t want to waste!  I.e. coconut oil, Nutella, coconut flour, almond flour…those expensive things.  Not to mention fridge/freezer items.  It’s gonna get odd here soon.  We may be eating broccoli buffalo beef water chestnut pie.  The kids would disown me for sure!  😉

HB and I ran 3 miles this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day for a run.  After we got home I tried out a new chocolate that I found at the store.  It’s dark chocolate with coffee crunch!  Wow is it good!  De-Lish!  Drool worthy!  I am glad I went with my gut and bought 3.  🙂  I also found some Starbucks Refreshers…this one was Strawberry Lemonade.  Pretty tasty.  

I just tested a new recipe.  It’s good!  It’s a dessert.  It involves chocolate!   I’ll leave you with that little  teaser.

So, what did you eat today?  Found any good chocolate lately?


2 thoughts on “Food Conundrum + What I Ate Wednesday

  1. My son looooved cheese until he was almost 2, then suddenly wanted nothing to do with it ever again..we don’t have dairy in our diets anymore so all is good! I don’t like wasting food either..especailly the “expensive stuff”. I gave a ton of food away to the local food bank last spring though because of major dietary changes. Thanks for sharing btw and enjoy the rest of your week 😀

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