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Bad Dreams + Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Crepes (Paleo Option)

Ever been startled out of deep sleep in the middle of the night?  Heart racing, eyes wide open, gasping for air?  It happened to me last night.  I fell asleep like a kitten curled up next to HB.  Next thing I know my mind is racing, my pulse is pounding, and I’m staring at the ceiling wonder what the heck just happened!  Once I managed to calm down a little the dream came flooding back to me…well a portion of it.  A Big Black Spider!  I’m not sure what the whole dream was but the part that had me feeling like I just ran the fasted sprint ever was the image of a big black spider scurrying my way.  Like the size of a plate…coming straight for my face!!  I seriously.don’  I’ll make HB or even one of my kids come kill them for me.  If they’re not around then I will hurl the closest shoe or other heavy object at it from across the room.  I may be bold and step on it if, and only if, it is smaller than a pencil eraser.  Even then…it depends.  So to dream about one the size of a plate coming at my face!  Oi-vay!!  My heart is beating a little faster just thinking about it now.  So, on to another topic!

Let’s talk crepes!  Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Crepes!  (Paleo option available.)  I got the idea from watching a cooking show.  It looked so good but I thought the addition of some cocoa powder to the batter of the crepes and a GF/Paleo option would make it all the better!  Now, crepes can be tricky.  They are thin and crumble easy.  The use of a really good non-stick pan is a must for an easy crepe.  Even though I had a good pan, I still managed to mangle the first few crepes until I got the trick down.  Wanna know the trick? Sliding the crepe.  Which is why the good non-stick is a must!  When your crepe has cooked on one side you slide the crepe halfway off the pan onto the spatula and gently flip it onto the other side.  Once that side has cooked you slide the crepe off the pan onto a paper towel lined baking sheet.  *whew*  (I tried the pan flip…yeah, half the crepe fell on the floor and the other half was a crumpled mess in the pan.  E tried it too.  He didn’t do any better but had a blast giving it a shot.  2 crepes lost to the trash.  Oh well.)  HB wasn’t a huge fan of the mascarpone but liked the flavors.  I think maybe whipping it a little might help but alas my mixer isn’t here.  😦  You could also use whipping cream or whipped coconut cream instead.  I’ll definitely be making these again and varying the preserves.  Yummy for my tummy!    Sorry about the pic but it’s an iPhone photo.  I’ll bust out my real camera one of these days and take better photos…promise.

Yummy for my Tummy!

GF Chocolate Cherry Crepes (Paleo Option)

Oh yeah, that little treat will make even the worst bad dream fade away into oblivion.  Try them out and let me know what you think!

So, do you have bad dreams that wake you out of your sleep?  What do you do to calm down?


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