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Friday Fun and a Busy Weekend


We are booked! Solid. These last few weeks we are cramming in as much as possible. This weekend we have not 1, not 2, but 7 different engagements! Seven…7…!!!!!!! Tonight: packet pick up for my half marathon and dinner with friends. Saturday: Half Marathon, K’s chorus recital, Fifer Orchards to get pumpkins, friends kids’ birthday party. Sunday: prep for storage pack/pick-up on Monday and cookout with more friends! Crap, that’s 8 if you count the prep!

For the next 3 weeks we have something scheduled Every.Day! This sh*t is getting real…real fast! (pardon my language.) I’m panicking a little each night when I lay down and go over what we need to get done in the next few weeks. I am surprised I haven’t had a real melt down. Seriously, I don’t do stress well and even worse when it involves big changes! This is huge changes: losing a job, moving…across the world to a foreign land, packing/unpacking houses, long planes rides, cancelling things, setting up things. Yikes! I’m gonna stop thinking about that now and focus on the next few days.

So, tomorrow I am running a half marathon with a good friend of mine. I’ve never run one with somebody before. I am hoping it goes well…as in he doesn’t leave me in the dust! LoL Dude is FAST! Like 2+ minutes faster than my best time. We have made a pact thought to go slow and steady…light jog and just enjoy. All I’m after is the medal from here not a PR (personal record). I think it will be a good time. Hoping to get a few good pictures since we get to run around the Monster Mile Racetrack! We may be a tad lopsided though since that thing has some serious bank.

I am looking forward to getting some pumpkins to carve tomorrow although the actual carving fest will have to wait until sometime in the week. We haven’t been able to do much decorating for the holidays but I think some carving is in order. We can toss them after Halloween which is perfect as that’s our last day in the house anyways.

Oops, look at the time! Gotta go get ready so we can get my packet. 🙂 no worries on the casino…as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t gamble. Shop, yes! Gamble, not so much. Hopefully they will have some good “carbie” food though. Nothing like a carbo-load before a race.



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