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She Did the Mash…The Monster Mash

I did the Monster Mash today…no, not the dance to the song. The Monster Mash Half Marathon.  A friend and I got up at the bum crack of dawn to run 13.1 miles.  It was actually a great day for a run!  Our respective spouses were there to cheer us on and met us at the finish line.  Always great to have that kind of support.

The run was fairly flat and on country roads mostly, although we did get to run the first mile around the Monster Mile Racetrack.  🙂  After a jaunt down old town Dover we ended up on the back roads.  With the time of year the leaves on the trees were all turning colors and made for some beautiful scenery!  The oranges, reds, yellows and browns provided a palette of colors to observe and keep our minds off the pounding of our feet.  There were fields of corn and soy along most of the way as well.  My friend M was kind enough to keep up the conversation and the pace at a decent speed (for me anyways) and not leave me in a trail of his dust.  I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed running with someone who was of a like mind…run for the company and the fun.  I normally am a loner but I found the miles passing by quickly between the convo and scenery.

I wore my Nike Free‘s as I am nowhere near ready to run that far in my Vibrams!  I did pretty well and can tell a huge difference in my running.  My first clue was my calves screaming at me at about mile 11.  My achilles was aching a little too but not anything worrisome.  I find it a good sign to have the back of my legs and calves hurting though…means I am using the proper muscles.

Last night we went to the local casino to pick up my race packet.  Some friends came along to show us the ropes since we had never been and also enjoy a night out with us before we leave.  It was good food, good company, and good finds!

HB and I, CPB and I, and HB2 and CPB

HB bought me my yearly Christmas bear…a little early I know but since we have no idea when, or if, we would be able to get one it seemed like a good time.  He’s a Godiva Bear too!  Comes with a little chocolate gift.  Yummy!  Also found me a nice coffee mug.  

Today was a busy one.  After the half HB tried to take K to his chorus recital.  Unfortunately our timing was off and the traffic was bad.  By the time they got there the kids were walking on the stage and K was too shy and nervous to push through the crowd to get in line.  😦  Poor thing.  He came home with crocodile tears…so I did what any good mom would do…gave a big ole hug and bribed him!  With a Starbucks Frap!!  😉  He felt better almost immediately.  Of course I had an ulterior motive…a coffee treat for me too.  A Starbucks after a run is just a must!

Then it was on to Fifer Orchards to get the pumpkins for carving.  Not to mention another box of apple cider donuts and some cinnamon pecans!  We accidentally picked up some cinnamon cashews too.  Surprisingly good but then what isn’t when it’s coated in sugary cinnamon!

Funky Fifer Orchards Pumpkins

After a stop at good ole Wally-World (Walmart) for a present, we were off to the bday party.  Thankfully it was a gorgeous day for an outdoor party.  The kids were happy to be loaded up with more pizza, a cupcake, and some candy.  E is so great with little kids!  He was helping with the piñata, pushing kids on the swings, and even helped clean up the wrapping paper from the gifts.  (Ok, where is this kid when we get home?!)

E holding the piñata

Overall it has been a great weekend but I am ready for tomorrow to be a little slower.  More than that, I am ready for bed!  And please, don’t wake me up before 8am!

Have you gotten to go out and enjoy your weekend?  Do you prefer a crazy, busy weekend or a slower pace?


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