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Monday Madness + Shepherds Pie

Alright, I told you it was a busy weekend.  And it was for sure!  Saturday was all I told you it was…one thing after another.  Yesterday was a bit more laid back with HB and I going to 2 different Walmart‘s to find a shirt…not just any shirt but a NFL shirt.  New England Patriots to be exact.  HB is jumping teams…maybe.  I suppose he is feeling the need to finally recognize his home state of MA.

HB and I Supporting the Pats!

Once we had our shirts we came home to finish separating the items that the movers came to pack for storage today.  Oi-vay was that a joke.  The last company was very legit.  Made us feel like they knew what they were doing and good at it.  These people acted like it was their first time packing things up and one of the guys was a least 60.  He was the supervisor for sure!  Sat on the ladder the whole time they were here…supervising.  So, it was really 2 people packing.  Speaking of which, it took them 5 hours to pack!  5 hours watching these jokers use the bathroom every 15 minutes, ask “the supervisor” what to do and how to do it, and then awkwardly carry our very expensive German furniture out the door.  As HB put it, “the whole thing seems shady!”  If the other company had done this it would have taken 2, 3 hours tops!

Anywho, we got to spend last night with some good peeps.  They were kind enough to invite us over and grill some burgers, dogs, and bell peppers.  We also got to eat some seasoned potatoes, slaw, and a Pinterest inspired dessert.  We are sad to be making friends right before leaving but hey, with the military you just never know when you might meet up again!  So, we will enjoy the time we have spent with them, the time we may get, and continue to stay in touch via the wonderful world of social networking!  🙂

Monday madness was mostly what I spoke of above.  Moving madness really.  One more shipment and then we are on the done with the packing portion of our journey.  The unpacking part will probably be just as fun.  ^_-   Ha.  The rest of the madness involved me deciding it was a good time to run the self-cleaning cycle on the oven.  Let me tell you that thing gets H-O-T, hot!  It also set off our smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.  That turned the dogs into cowering, shaking, nervous Nellies.  They can’t stand the noise from those things.  Not that I can blame them.  HB finally shut off the fuse for them so we could have a little peace in the middle of the madness.  My bad.  On the bright side, it was worth it!  Man does that thing do a good job!  Looks brand new…well, almost.

The rest of the madness of the day was coming home from a little me time (getting my nails did) and deciding it was high time to clean out the pantry and fridge.  It really stemmed from trying to find something to make for dinner.  Time is short and I haven’t been buying much food.  So now I am staring madly into the pantry on a nightly basis trying to come up with meals.  This evening I had it with looking at things that I know I won’t use so I pulled them out.  I must admit I ended up throwing a ton of stuff away.  😦  My reason for doing so is that most of it was opened and/or expired.  Folks, I had stuff in there with expiration dates in 2011!!  Yikes.  I need to pay closer attention.

After some tossing of food and racking of the brain I came up with Shepherd’s Pie…with a twist.  I added bacon and squash.  Yes, you read that right.  Bacon and Squash.  I thought it came out well.  HB gave me a look after the first bite and asked what I did differently.  K ate his first plate, said it was ok and proceeded to go back 3 more times!  LoL

One Pot Shepherd’s Pie (with a twist)

4 slices bacon
1 lb ground beef
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp minced onion
frozen corn, approx 1 cup
frozen peas, approx 1 cup
frozen squash, approx 1 cup
4 tbsp butter
3 c water
1/4 c heavy cream
potato flakes
shredded cheese
Salt and pepper, to taste
hot sauce, opt
Preheat oven to 425.  In a large cast iron skillet, cook your bacon until crispy.  Remove and set aside.  Leave grease and add the ground beef.  Add the onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and hot sauce.  Cook until meat is browned.  Add frozen peas, corn, and squash.  Crumble in bacon.  Let cook on med-low approx 5 minutes.   Meanwhile, in a medium glass bowl, add water, heavy cream, butter, and potato flakes.  Cook in microwave for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until hot.  Add to the top of the meat/veggie mixture and spread around.  Top with shredded cheese.
Place in oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until bubbly and cheese is brown.  Top with more hot sauce, ketchup, or eat as is…filling and warm on a chilly day! 

One Pot Shepherd’s Pie (with a twist)

I also made what I am calling Kitchen Sink Cookie Bars.  Not sure if I can or will share that recipe.  It depends on the taste test.  I threw in a lot of things from the pantry that I didn’t have the heart to trash or the ability to donate.  They tasted good raw so I have hopes that it will be just as good cooked.

Ohhh, I found this on Pinterest!  If the cookies don’t work out then I still one of these I can try:

Yum! Keurig Coffee Recipes

How was your Monday?  Do you find there are days where you stare into the pantry wondering what in the world to make for dinner?


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