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WIAW, My New Car, and a Story

It’s WIAW time hosted by PeasandCrayons!

As usual I didn’t vary much on breakfast.  Lunch was leftovers.  Dinner was what I could piece meal together.


Breakfast: Fage Greek Yogurt w/Strawberry flip, Kitchen sink cookie bar, coffee and more coffee (HB rocks…got me a Starbucks this morning!)

Lunch:  leftover Shepherd’s Pie

Dinner: Hodge Podge= shredded chicken, refried beans, salsa, shredded cheese, and olives (trying to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry…it’s gettin’ to be slim pickings)

Snack: Banana Coconut Nutella Muffin

Here’s a spooky treat for you, Gangman style:  (hate to see their electric bill but so cool)

I lost my washer and dryer today.  😦  We sold it and they came to pick it up.  UGH!  I love my front loading machines with their pedestals…the steam that can get out wrinkles…the quiet way it spins.  Now they will be someone else’s loves.  Not to mention I am going to have to use a laundry mat.  Double UGH!  Some friends offered to let us use theirs…I just may have to take them up on that offer.  I am pretty sure our temporary living facility (TLF) will have some we can use too.  But that’s over a week away…and I have 2 stinky boys!  Plus workout clothes almost daily.  Over a week away!!  Oh the inhumanity.  I know, I know…I can always scrub them in the tub and hang them to dry.  But if you think I’m gonna do that you don’t know me very well.  LoL  HB calls me “high maintenance.”  I call it the necessities in life.  I’m the woman, I win.

I found my new car!  Check out this pretty in Pink Honda Fit She’s

I want one.  Seriously, I would so drive this car and be a happy little clam.  HB however wouldn’t be seen driving it and I’m not sure I could get my boys to drive anywhere in it with me.  Hmmm…maybe that’s a good thing!  So purty…the pink stitching is like a well done eye shadow…highlighting the right spots without being overly dramatic.  The little heart on the name She’s sets the right tone of girly without making you want to gag.  *sigh*  If it ever makes it to the states I think I would get one.

I’m gonna share one of the many reasons I love my kids so much.  They make me laugh!  Here’s an example of how they do it.  Last night I went to tuck them both in.  As we are in transition mode, they are in the same room sleeping on the floor.  As I walked between to give them a kiss, E grabbed my foot, snuggled his head on it and said, “What a comfy pillow.”  K gave me a kiss on the cheek, then wanted an Eskimo kiss, and stuck his hand out for me to kiss the back of it.  I politely declined the hand but he kept pushing it in my face.  As I turned to leave E wouldn’t let go of my foot and K was still flailing his hand for a kiss so I did what any mom would do…I started counting to 3.  “Alright boys, that’s enough.  It’s time for bed.  1…2…”  E let go and fell back on his pillow, “I love you Mom!”  (Uh huh.)  K put both hands in the air and made a face, “You don’t want to know what comes after 2,” he said, “it’s TORTURE!”  I couldn’t help it…I giggled as I walked out of the room.  “Goodnight boys, go to sleep!”  The sound of laughter followed me down the stairs.  They are scamps, turkeys, twerps, and drive me nuts…but I love them to pieces and they make me laugh all the time…when I’m not pulling out my hair that is!

What is it that makes you laugh?

Could you go over a week without a washer/dryer?


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