The Perfect Storm=Food, Family, and Friends

I don’t know if you watch the weather channel but it’s happening folks.  Sandy has decided to grace us with a dance…right across our local area.  Thankfully we aren’t there.  Then again, our pups are and I feel like a bad owner leaving my furry family in someone else’s hands.  The guy watching them and some good friends have promised to take good care of them though.   The evac order came down so they will be blessing another home with their presence for a few days.  I know I complained about not having furniture but it’s a blessing in disguise right now.  Nothing left in the house to really worry about if Sandy unleashes her full wrath and leaves behind a flood of her tears in our living room.

We have been told to just stay a few extra days where we are as our home won’t be available to come back too for the time being.  So, we are even more blessed to have family willing to put up with us us up.   They have a washer and dryer too!  😉  Supposedly the wind will kick it’s heals up this way too but I think we are safer and will see a little less than DE, NJ, and NY.  They are set on food here too and even have a fireplace just in case.

Oh the food!  These past few days have been a storm of food!  I can’t even begin to explain it to you or even capture it all in pictures.  Mostly because I am too busy using both hands to stuff it in my mouth.  The tarts, pies, and cakes are the icing to the shrimp, chorizo, stuffies (stuffed shells), and various other foods.  Portuguese people can make food, let me tell you!  And it all tastes so good and you just can’t stop yourself.

So, we may not have the perfect storm that the meteorologists talked about but we have the perfect storm in our lives.  Food, family and friends…all coming to together during a tumultuous time to see us through.

If you are in the path of the storm, please be safe and take precautions!

What is your “bunker down” food of choice?

*Disclaimer*  This post was written while in a partial food coma.  Please disregard any rambling, bad spelling, and/or disjointedness it may contain.



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