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The Perfect Storm…in my belly!

First and foremost…we made it through the storm.  Hope everyone else made it safely through!  Family was great about letting us hunker down with them a few extra days.  The wind was the worst part of the storm in this area.  Leaves and branches littered the road this morning.  A bit of rain made for a soggy mess especially during my run.  Quite the obstacle course but I had particularly good form as I was very deliberate in my footing.  My shoes are officially broken in…they got wet and dirty.  😦

Our hometown survived, according to Facebook anyway.  Whatever did we do before the advent of social networking?  LoL  I am not sure if there was flooding in our area but as we don’t have much in the house I am not sweating it too much.  We will see tomorrow once we get back.  I am hoping the NY and NJ have managed to reopen most of the roads.  They got spanked by Sandy.  She did the cha-cha, tango, and twist all over their areas.  Since our direct route back takes us through there we will get to see how badly she left them.

Before the storm I got in a run and a walk in the area…

View during run

Who wouldn’t want to run here?  Such a pretty place.  I lost my myself looking at the all the colors on the trees a few times.  Todays run I got to see them all on the ground.  🙂  We are seriously looking at the North East when we decide to settle.  HB is from here and falls in love each time we come back.  I’ve found a few areas I wouldn’t mind…especially if it looks like the picture above.

Dessert and more dessert

Ok, now for the title of my blog.  The Perfect Storm may have passed over us on the outside but it continues to rage in my belly!  Oi-vay!  The food is playing havoc with my gut.  I am not used to eating this way and it shows.  I feel it in my body:  the way I sleep, my digestion, energy levels, and even canker sores.  I don’t know if it is a gluten allergy per se but I definitely see a big difference in the way my body handles processed foods, wheat, and sugar.  It doesn’t do well with it especially in large quantities.  I don’t think I have been doing so bad considering the situation (I’m not buying/cooking the food) but even the last few days has taken it’s toll.  My mood has plummeted and I find I am much more tired.  Even my writing is suffering as I find my mind isn’t nearly as focused.  Food coma is a good description…it makes me feel like I could lay around all day and not think of anything and still be tired.  I got in a run on Friday but was unable to on Saturday or Sunday.  I finally had enough with sitting around during the storm that I went to a room and did some yoga, stretching, and running in place to burn some energy and try to restore some life to my body.  Getting in a run this morning and raking some leaves/branches was an added boost to the system.  Exercise is good!  Eating well is good!  Doing both is great…for body and mind!!  These last few days has just made it even more clear.

Tomorrow is the big day…we head back home.  🙂  I am ready to return to my air mattress and folding table.  Ok, not really but at least it is my “normal.”  We are actually supposed to be moving into our temporary housing on Thursday.  So we will be home in time to pack our bags and move out of the house.  So much for normal.  Our last shipment will hopefully still happen on time but as they come from NJ I am not sure it will happen as scheduled.  Oh well, we planned ahead and gave ourselves a cushion so we may be using some of it.  Yes, I over plan but in times like these it is a good thing!

Time to get off this thing and go eat dinner.  (I will eat more veggies, I will eat more veggies!  I won’t eat bread, I won’t eat bread.)  Maybe if I say it more I will be able to stick to it.  HaHa

Do you go stir crazy when you are stuck in the house and can’t get some exercise in?  How does your body react to eating differently than normal?


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