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Happy Halloween + The GPS Conspiracy

Alrighty then…we made it home.  Well, we made it back to the house we are moving out of tomorrow.  Just in time to go a little crazy as the packers come for our last shipment first thing in the morning.  Then it is off to our temporary lodging.  A real bed and laundry machines.  *sigh*  Looking forward to that part.  We are down to 2 weeks before the long flight that will bring us to the next 4 years of our lives.  2 WEEKS!  Time flies when you got stuff to do.  And we got stuff to do.

Starting the trip off on the right foot…

The trip home was quite easy considering we had to drive through New York and New Jersey.  We managed to detour around the heavy hit areas and made good time.  I hate to say it but I think most of the people were stuck in their homes or in line for gas so it kept the roads clear.  We saw a lot of uprooted trees and a few downed power lines but other than that it was just a dreary day of driving through the East coast states.  My prayers go out to all those dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.  She did quite the mess.  We were very lucky to not have any problems with the storm and great bosses, friends, and family checking up on us.

Catching Flies…I mean, Zzzzzzs

So comfortable…not!

So, on our way down and back we used HB’s phone navigation system.  It normally does pretty well even though she tends to lead us hither and yon in an attempt to have an adventure.  She never seems to go the same way twice even if it is to the exact same destination the very next day.  Even more interesting she likes to take the tolls roads.  More to the point, she likes to take the expensive toll roads!  The George Washington Bridge is her favorite.  The trip up to MA and back she made every effort to route us to that bridge no matter how close we were to the Tappan Zee Bridge.  (For those who don’t know, the toll for the GW is around $12/car!)  I used my phone to get us directions to the TZ bridge and as we headed over the bridge HB’s phone rerouted us to go back across, down and then over the GW bridge!!  Coming back down today she was set on the GW once again up until we made it across and she finally gave up.  However, we ended up taking a parkway that led us to about 3 extra tolls than we would normally have hit.  3!  So, here is our theory…HB and I had about 14 hours to think about it…there is a conspiracy with the phone companies GPS and the toll ways.  The phone’s GPS will lead us to the most expensive route in toll fees in order to ensure the state some funding.  In return they are offered a cut of the profit or some other form of payment.  It’s all a conspiracy to take even more of our money.  (Yes, I know we can avoid tolls.  But that isn’t any fun when we are making up conspiracy theories, now is it?!)

I feel like a lousy parent today.  My little one wanted so badly to go trick or treating and the oldest was desperate to hand out candy/scare the little kids.  We were supposed to get home 2 days ago…which would have allowed me time to buy candy and get together a Halloween costume for K.  That plan went in the toilet when Sandy decided to do her thing.  So, we raced home and got tied up in sorting the house for the movers tomorrow.  K came in and asked to go get some candy.  E was asking about candy the whole ride home and kept peaking out the window at the kids passing by our house.  *sigh*  My solution…make E walk K around the neighborhood for 30 minutes for trick or treat.  They managed to have a little fun and get a half bag of junk in the process.  So I don’t feel too rotten even though their teeth will after all that stuff.  ^_-  We didn’t get to carve pumpkins either this year.  Ugh.  Moving sucks!  Throws a kink in all the plans, traditions, and norms.  A hurricane just adds to the “fun” of it all.  Darn you Sandy!

Anyways, did you take your kids out to trick or treat?  Do you like to be a little kid and dress up too?  Be honest, how much candy to you pilfer from their bags?  😉



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