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Homeless and Happy

It’s official folks, we are now without a home.  Ok, technically we still are paying on the home but it is bare-butt naked inside.  The packers came and took the rest of it away.  I can’t say I am sad.  Actually I am pretty thrilled.  🙂  We are down to living out of suitcases but in a more comfortable spot.  I must admit…Air Force has done good with this lodging!  It’s HUGE.  2 bedrooms, living and dining rooms, full kitchen, and even a laundry closet!!  Yes, our own washer and dryer!  Boom!   This girl is doing a happy dance…and already washed 2 loads of clothes.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Oh yeah…it’s the little things!

No More Floor!



K went with HB to drop off the first load of stuff at the TLF (lodging) and came back super excited!  “Mom, Mom!  Did you see it?  Captain’s beds…E and I get our own beds…FINALLY!  No more sleeping on the floor.”  Did I mention the very large playground right across the street?  Oh, and a small shop less than a block to buy the little things we will need.  The only down side…no Keurig.  Oh Air Force why can’t you splurge a little?  *sigh*  I watched them pack mine this afternoon.  I almost shed a small tear.  But the gal who packed it was great and double wrapped it.  She gets me…she really, really gets me.


I am sitting here writing this from an actual chair with a foot rest.  Ahhhh…the life.  Sometimes it’s the little things like furniture that makes the world just a little bit better.  Being able to sit at the table and eat dinner without the slightest bump sending things flying all over is very nice.  We are also all able to gather on the couch and chairs to watch a little TV this evening.  When I say a little TV I am being extremely literal.  This thing is probably a 22 inch TV.  But I won’t complain…it’s not hooked up to any sort of gaming system.  2-3 weeks of no games.  I think my boys may wither and die.  I give it 2 days before I walk in to check up on them and find their little thumbs in the air, sleep playing video games.

Chipotles!  If you haven’t tried it then you should.  Super delish!  The bowl is enough for 2 meals…well, for me.  HB can hoover it down and steal a few bites from K’s.  😉  E loved the chicken wrap.  I’m gonna miss Chipotles.  And Kohl’s…I’m really gonna miss shopping at Kohl’s.  I know there is always the internet.  But it’s just not the same.  Ok, this concludes the woe-is-me portion of my day.  Adventure time!  In 2 weeks.

Do you get excited about the little things?  Like a washer and dryer in your room?  How about a little couch time with the family?


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