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Fall Back…to sleep? + MTMmixer

It’s Saturday and tomorrow is the daylight savings time.  So don’t forget to fall back an hour and then fall back to sleep!  I’m pretty sure that is what I am going to do. 🙂  Snuggle under the covers and get an extra hour of beauty rest.  Hey, we now have a real bed so I am going to make the most of it.

I ran across this way to meet new people…mix it up a little.  We are all definitely “more than mommies” and deserve to have a little fun.  Part of that fun can be joining this group of ladies who are hosting an online “party” that will allow us to blog hop and possibly find some new friends.  (Or at least some people to stalk.)  😉

Oh my, I finally got to go into a Whole Foods store!  I think I am in love!  Unfortunately we don’t have one close by and even if we did it’s only a matter of days before we leave.  Why, oh why, am I teasing myself with these things?!  I found  Kombucha tea there, not what I expected, btw!  I also found some hummus the kids actually liked!  Tasted like pizza.  Plus some cinnamon sugar chickpeas.  I haven’t tasted those yet.  Then there was the food bars…salad, hot food, and soups.  OMG they even have a place to make your own nut butters!  And across the way there was different types of honey you could fill into the little plastic bear.  And the smell when I first walked in…cinnamon and nutmeg-ish.  It had my nose in the air, sniffing and looking around for wherever that delicious aroma was emanating.  I think I looked like a kid in a candy store walking through there with big saucer eyes, ohhing and ahhhing.

Yeah, we also hit up PF Chang’s one last time!  If you’ve never eaten there, you should go!  So delicious!!  We tried the new dessert…fried banana wontons with a pineapple infused ice-cream.  O.M.G!  I could have just eaten that and been satisfied.  It was worth the extra running I will need to do.  We all ate way too much and had to walk it off.  It was a good day…chilly weather but a great time to be with family and friends!

Do you get enamored with a store and walk through it like in wide-eyed wonderment like I do?


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