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Liebster Blog Award

Thank you for my nomination by WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion!  I know this was a bit ago but things have been crazy, busy so I am just now getting to my acceptance speech.  😉  Actually, that’s it…sorry.
To accept this award I have to abide by the following Liebster Rules:
-share 11 things about me –really?  11?  I’m boring so I hope I can come up with 11.  I shared some in a prior blog post so I hope I don’t repeat too much.  ^_-
-answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me –ok, she asked for it!
-create 11 questions for the bloggers I have chosen to nominate –HeeHee…this could be fun!
-select 11 blogs with less than 200 followers to nominate–I may fail at this task, Just sayin’…I’m new so don’t know too many.  😦
-tell the lucky bloggers I have chosen about their nomination –hopefully linking to them will work on this one.

11 Things About Me:  (try not to fall asleep and drool on the computer)

1.  I used to hate the color pink…now, I love it!  Don’t know why but hey, people change.

2.  I can’t to math to save my life.  Especially large numbers or anything above algebra!  My oldest can’t ask me to help him with his homework anymore…I don’t get it!  Sad, I know.

3.  I have problems with directions.  Ok, actually I have a problem with my brain computing right and the word coming out of my mouth.  HB now knows to follow my hand signal, not what I say.  My mouth is dyslexic when it comes to directions!  Seriously, it’s frustrating as heck but funny too.

4.  I like sushi!  Good thing as we are moving to Japan in a week.  Pretty sure I can find some good stuff there.

5.  I despise using the weights at the gym.  I always feel like everyone around me is laughing at me for how little weight I can lift…especially my scrawny flabby arms!

6.  My belly button is pierced.

7.  I tend to sing along to songs in the car, loudly when it’s just me and/or K and I.  I also dance while I drive…E once ducked in the passenger seat so people wouldn’t see him with me “gettin’ down” whilst I drove.

8.  I have never down-hill skied.  Only cross country.  (It was a high school PE course in Alaska)

9.  I lived in the North Pole…ok, North Pole Alaska.  But still it was close enough to see Santa everywhere!

10.  I once wanted to buy a horse and have a horn surgically implanted so I could have a real life unicorn.  I was obsessed with unicorns as a kid.  And cats.

11.  I worked 1 (one) day at Wendy’s.  My boss at my other job hired me full time after smelling me all the way down the hall and thinking someone had bought him lunch.  Truthfully, one day was more than enough!

11 Questions from the one who nominated me:

“Okay, for all of you who were nominated, below are the questions you have to answer or I’m sending my pants-less, toilet training toddler to crap live on your couch for a week”:  (Here are my answers…please no more poo!  My kids having given me enough!)

1. What is your dream job?  My dream job would be to work part-time so I could be home with my kids more but make the same I do know…which is why i’m dreaming.  Not.gonna.happen.

2. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Dark chocolate.

3. What is your proudest moment, professional or personal?  Personal is having my 2 beautiful boys.  Professional is when I won the wing level award for my job.

4. Who are you voting for? (I’m referring to Presidential elections, not Dancing with the Stars.)  I voted absentee ballot but I prefer to keep my political views to myself.  No, I’m not embarrassed by my political affiliation, I just feel like it leads to much arguing and heated debates that I prefer not to wade into.

5. What’s your favorite book?  I can’t say I have a favorite because I love way too many!

6. Do you have stink bugs where you live?  Yes.  They appear out of the blue in the weirdest places too!

7. If you answered yes to #6, please share a method to destroy said bugs. If you answered no to #6, please move on.  My tried and true method is to send in one of my boys to squish them.

8. Do you watch Modern Family? If not, why? It’s hilarious and everyone should watch it.  I don’t.  I love to watch Big Bang Theory!  It’s hilarious and everyone should watch that one, IMO.

9. White or red? (Wine, obviously).  Either as long as it’s sweet!  Moscato makes me drool.

10. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?  hmmm…maybe the ability to move quickly like The Flash.  That way I would zoom, zoom, zoom through the things I dislike doing, i.e. laundry, dishes, dusting and enjoy the time saved doing things I love!

11. What do you require in life to maintain sanity? (I need at least 18 hours of sleep a day. Just an example.)  Coffee.  And chocolate.  oh, and 8 hours of sleep.  Also, exercise.  Plus, hugs from my boys and HB making me laugh.  Ok, last one…close friends and family.

11 Questions for those I nominate:

1.  Sing or Dance?
2.  Favorite movie?
3.  Cats or dogs?  
4.  Do you own any of the above and if so, which kind and what are their names?
5.  What is your favorite thing to make for dinner in a pinch?
6.  Mac or Microsoft?
7.  If someone gave you $1000 tomorrow and you had to spend it by the end of the day, what would you buy?
8.  Most recent movie you watched and would you recommend it?  (Btw, Prometheus and Dark Shadows…not so much.)
9.  Bottled water or tap?  
10.  If you could own any vehicle, what would it be?
11.  Favorite place to take a vacation?

Blogs I Nominate:

Just Gonna Run With it

400 days til 40

Running on Java

Itty Bits of Balance

The Tao of Poop

Lisa Lately

Eating 4 Balance

Little Miss Cornucopia 

**Since I can’t nominate the one who nominated me then I suppose that’s all I got!  Sorry, I know it’s not 11.  Oh, if I nominated someone who’s already done this…too bad, you obviously rock and need to do it again!  Add a cluster to your ribbon.  If I nominated anyone who has more than 200 followers…my bad.  You obviously rock as well and it shows by your groupies.  😉  Send some of them my way, please…I need groupies.  

Now, that I have accepted my award, shared and cared…on to the really important things!  Starbucks coffee!  I finally got me a red cup today!!!  I felt like I was finally in the spirit of the year…fall, Thanksgiving and the quickly arriving Christmas.  (Yes, Christmas people…it’s almost here!  Get shopping.  I can send you my list.)

Starbucks Red Cup of joy!

When do you start shopping for Christmas gifts?  Are you a prepper or a last minute scrambler?

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