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Marvelous in my Monday

Well, I found another blog that has a link up…MIMM (Marvelous in my Monday).  The intent is to share something marvelous…even if it wasn’t Monday but sometime throughout the week.  It can be a moment, a recipe, a quote, or whatever you find marvelous and desire to share.  Today I feel the need to focus on the marvelous as it has been a rough one.  So here is my marvelous for the day:

Have you tried these?  If not, you should.  I found them at the Whole Foods store I visited the other day.  I think they are pretty tasty for a healthy snack option.  With a decent amount of protein and fiber they are filling, crunchy, and not bad on the taste scale.  No, they aren’t like eating a piece of candy or bag of chips but if that’s what you’re after then you’re not getting the point anyway.  There are also a few other flavors that are savory…I plan to try them all.  Thank goodness for Amazon.  Tasty, healthy snack…Marvelous!

HB and I went around yesterday getting some last minute shopping done, canceling our cell contracts (we’ll see if AT&T is any better than Verizon on this one), and finishing up the house cleaning.  Things are working out for us so far…even if it is last minute.  As we were cleaning the house, I had hauled a few items to the curb for any passerby’s to take.  One such family pulled over, I believe to get some plant stands, and I hailed him up to our garage to check out the rest.  As he walked in I told him we were moving and it all had to go…now…for free!  He said he would take it…all of it!  My eyes got big with delight and I asked him if he was serious.  He said yes.  So, while he went to unload his groceries I got HB from inside to come help load the guys SUV up when he got back.  I even moved our car out of the way so he could back right up to the garage.  Once he got back, I almost threw the stuff in the back…quickly loading the bags of various household supplies, leftover spices, and kitchen paraphernalia.  No gives backsies!  He was like an angel…come to clean out all the crap we had no idea what to do with besides throw it away or foist it off on friends (who might not remain friends if we did that).  Crap out of house=Marvelous!

I also talked HB into one last trip to Kohl’s since it is right next to AT&T.  I had a legit excuse to go there.  E is growing like a weed and his pants are constantly wearing like high waters while his shirts end up belly style if he raises his hands too high.  So, time to spend some money to cloth him properly.  We went in to the boys section and found out that a size 18 pant is equivalent to men’s 28×28.  OMG…my son needs MENS SIZE CLOTHES!  We found some 29x30s, apparently 28s are hard to come by, and they fit him perfectly.  Yikes, if he keeps growing at this rate he is gonna kill my wallet.  I swear I just bought him a few new pairs a month ago.  Fortunately we have another son to pawn them off on who can wear them in a few months, I am sure.  The bright side marvelous part…I got $10 Kohl’s cash so I will have to go back to spend it…one last shopping trip!  (Wait, didn’t I already say that…oh well.  You can never get too much Kohl’s.  HB disagrees.)


So, I’ve been without my Keurig for 4 days now.  The only way I have survived is Starbucks!  We have a shop close by that “brews” Starbucks…so not the same, but it will do in a pinch.  This weekend we went by the actual store for a coffee a few times.  They are getting their money out of me before we leave, fo’sho’!  I need to go about 4 more times so I can get my “free” rewards coffee.  🙂  Starbucks is definitely Marvelous!

HB won’t let me order a mini-Keurig to ship to the new place.  😦  Booooo.  It’s not like I won’t use it…it’d be a great office coffee maker…once I get a job.

Alrighty, I don’t do politics but I will say this…if you haven’t already, VOTE!  If you don’t vote then you have absolutely no reason to gritch and moan about whomever is elected.  Voting may not be a marvelous experience but the knowledge that you exercised your rights…that’s marvelous for sure!

That’s my marvelous for the day.  When I think about it…life is simply marvelous.  We just lose track of it sometimes and forget to be grateful for the things we have, the people who love us, and the time granted to us here.

What was marvelous in your day today?

Did you get out and vote?


2 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday

  1. “life is simply marvelous. We just lose track of it sometimes and forget to be grateful for the things we have, the people who love us, and the time granted to us here…”

    I hope many people read this part of your post & take it in. You are absolutely correct girl xo

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