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Doggie Spa Day…don’t leave me here!

Today was one of those days spent driving way too much.  We had to travel to Baltimore to store our car.  (We can’t ship it to Japan so the military pays to store it for us.)  It isn’t close by or right off the main drag.  No, it’s off the beaten path, in an industrial area, with pot holed lanes and lots of big trucks.  Then, it took almost an hour to get it all checked in…not complaining, this just means they took their time to get the paperwork right and do a proper check.  After that we got to turn around and head back home.  A good 5 hours of driving in circles.  The highlight of the morning was my coffee…Starbucks of course!  And in the holiday cup, just to help me remember the season.  As if the chilly weather weren’t enough!

Good Morning!

HB tried to take our dog, Takanni, in for a doggie spa day after we got back.  Yeah, no.  She apparently cowered in the tub, shaking and shivering, low growling at the techs.  So they called and said they didn’t want to scar her for life by forcing a bath, brushing, teeth cleaning, and nail clipping.  I think she did it on purpose…the little coniving stink of a dog.  For a girl, she sure doesn’t act like one!  She can break wind with the best of the boys, rubs around in all manner of oogey things, and doesn’t like to look/smell good.  The mutt.  She needs a bath!  I guess it will have to wait until Japan.  Then I can just toss her in the ocean for a few minutes.  HeeHee  Actually, she may like the water.  She’s a husky by breed but I think a short haired breed at heart.  She hates the snow!  Loves to bask in the sun.  Weird dog.  The one time we had snow in Texas she refused to go outside for any length of time.  She would run out, tinkle in the least snowy area, and run back to the door.  I’ve never seen such a grumpy dog…she not only couldn’t run around the yard, she refused to go poo!  She held it for 3 days and was such a gritchy witch!  After a little melting of snow and making her stay outside while coaxing her to “go potty” she finally released her bowels.  I’ve never seen such a look of relief on a dogs face!  She ran around the back yard like she was taking a victory lap…”I did it, I did it!  I pooped in the snow!”

I’m coming no matter what!

Apparently she thinks we are going to leave her behind.  E found her curled up in his suitcase last night.  Kind of a big, hairy stow away.  She knows better than to try to get into my suitcase.  Takanni is HB’s dog.  She loves her daddy.  I get the same as the other kids in the house from her…back talk!

Speaking of snow…(pay attention I was just talking about it, geesh)…we are slated to actually get some, maybe.  There is a Nor’easter possibly headed our way.  I honestly don’t expect to see this white, flaky stuff but you never know.  It would happen since we have absolutely no winter clothes or shoes.  ^_-  Isn’t that the way it normally goes?  The boys will love it though.  I just hope it doesn’t hit too hard in the NJ and NY area like they are saying.  Those poor people are dealing with enough.  My prayers for them.

Well, the news is all about the elections.  I wish they would stop with all the guessing and just wait for all the polls to close and turn over their count.  Ah, the media…such a circus.

Did you get out and vote?

Will you stay up late to see the final result?


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