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WIAW + Puppy Dog Tales

Welcome to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) hosted by PeasAndCrayons!  It’s that time to share a little about what I’ve been eating.  I kinda don’t want to because it has been pretty crappy lately.  Moving isn’t conducive to great, healthy eating.  Way too much going out to eat and snacking on whatever we have left on hand.  This is actually my meals from Tuesday.  We are so busy with last minute prep that our food is hit and miss.  (More miss if I’m being honest.)

Breakfast:  Starbucks Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato, oatmeal w/brown sugar and nuts, peeled much-ado-about-mango (last ones not pictured…my bad)

Skinny Macchiato

Lunch:  (more like snacks)  sweet potato chips, beef jerky, greek yogurt, and Steaz tea (really good, btw)

Snacks for lunch

Dinner:  Homemade chicken and rice soup and salad- cheese, cucumber, tomato, and a balsamic/olive oil dressing

Soup and Salad

Dessert:  leftovers bars (things I had leftover and threw together to make a dessert…it’s not bad but I can’t really give a recipe as I kind of put in what I had left without really measuring)

I have been drinking lots of tea lately too.  Hot tea especially.  I am guessing it has a lot to do with the downright chilly weather.  Plus the sleepytime tea that I have been favoring just seems to relax me.  Always a good thing when stress is all around.   I got in a good stress buster workout for a change this evening.  30 minutes of good ole sprints with 10 minute cool down plus 5 minute stairclimber.  I can feel it already so it’s gonna hurt so good in the morning.  I feel good though…I can’t let eating and exercise all go down the tubes at the same time.

Sooo…HB had to take the doggies to the vet for their health certificates to be able to fly.  Let’s just say it was a bit of an adventure for him.  He’s never had to take them by himself before and today was a great first time.  (And probably last.)  It started with having our little one decide to take a poop in the middle of the waiting room right after they got in.  HB said he gave them a sniffing opportunity outside beforehand to allow them to do their business.  Brownie obviously didn’t want to go since it’s been sleeting all day.  Then, the vet got bit by the same dog when she tried to force him to take a pill.  (I kind of don’t blame him…if someone poked all around me and then tried to stuff something down my throat I’d probably bite them too.  Plus he didn’t break the skin…so it was really just a nip.)  To top it off as HB was getting ready to check out I called him.  Yeah, here comes the really the funny part…that occurred when his ringtone of “Titties and Beer” went off in front of a room full of women.  The tech looked at him and said, “I think that’s for you.”  LMBO!  I had tears in my eyes when he told me how it all ended.  HB made it clear that next time I am going with him.  LoL  I told him, “Welcome to my world.”

What did you eat today?  Did you get any exercise in…moving and shaking?

Do your pets like the vet or is it more like torture?



One thought on “WIAW + Puppy Dog Tales

  1. I would agree that moving isn’t conducive to healthy eating (nor is any change in routine really). I really need to get myself back on track! Thanks for stopping by the More than Mommies mixer this past week! We hope you will join us again this Friday for another fun hop! Bring a friend or two with you and tweet about the #MTMmixer and you could be our next hostess! I hope your move went smoothly and you are getting yourself settled!

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