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World Run Day + Goodbye

I did it…I signed up to run one last time in the states.  Nov 11th is World Run Day and I am gonna get my shoes on and join in the action of a virtual run with thousands of people across the world.  Do you want to run with people from around the world and get a free t-shirt?  Of course you do!  Sign up here at Run Day…I would love to have you join me.  This is a day about promoting running, charitable contributions, and community action.  Who wouldn’t want to get in on that groove?  Hurry, though…not much time left to sign up as the run in this Sunday, 11 Nov!

Today was my going away luncheon at work.  Soup, salad, and bread sticks!  Yep, you guessed it…Olive Garden.  One last time.  Zuppa Toscana…yum.  It was a good time and I was glad to have a last meal with those I’ve spent the last few years working beside.  While working with a bunch of guys occasionally drove me batty, they definitely kept me on my toes and made me appreciate the time I had with any female cohorts I happened to find.  😉  I must admit they did a great job picking out my gift….
Isn’t it purity?!  A wine bottle heel…with bling!  Too bad they drank the wine before giving me the gift.  Ha!  Kidding…maybe.  I am going to miss my office.  It’s hard to spend two years somewhere getting to know people and then moving on.  Hopefully I will be able to find just as wonderful a job once I get there.  So far applications are in, just waiting to hear back.

Tomorrow is my official last day.  I get to turn in my ID card, sign a bunch of paperwork, and that will be the end of my days here.  We also turn in the keys to the house…that will be a big relief.  We paid good money to make sure it was cleaned top to bottom…carpets included.  I am willing to do it though, piece of mind that we will pass the inspection and get our deposit back.  Besides these people are pros at what they do…within 3 hours the cleaning service had come in like a whirlwind and removed any signs that we once lived there.  (That’s a good thing when there’s an inspection involved.)

I’m gonna keep this post short…we have an early morning.  E goes in early for his final ROTC practice, HB has an appointment first thing, and I am gonna need a Starbucks stop!  That last part will determine just how well my last day goes.  😛   I am hoping I can say my last good-byes without tearing up.  Guys don’t like that stuff.  I work with all guys.  It could be awkward.  So, coffee is needed…lots of delicious, nerve calming coffee.  With some whip.

Don’t forget to get in on the fun…World Run Day!  (Pssst…you can walk too!)




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