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Nomads and Bacon

It’s so hard to say goodbye but this spoke to me:

One of the hardest parts of moving is saying goodbye.  When you’re in the military it is routine but that doesn’t make it easier.  At times it seems like it can be harder…the knowing that it is coming and counting down the days, again, until you say goodbye.  The bright spot…many times it isn’t the last time you will see them.  “It’s a small world” is very true in the military community.  One never knows when they will see someone they were stationed with 5, 10, 15 years ago at a different location.

I get the pleasure of seeing some of the people I knew from our last base.  HB already knows a handful of his work mates from prior rotations.  I’m glad we have some continuity. Everything is else is still up in the air.  Where we will live, how long we will be in a hotel/TLF, which schools the kids will attend, whether or not I can get a job, transportation, and oh so much more.  I am glad to know I can at least call on a few friends who have “been there, done that” and will keep me from climbing the walls or drowning in self pity.

Today HB and I are both “done” with our work out processing.  We turned everything in, got all the lists checked, and signatures acquired.  We are nomads…don’t belong here and not quite there.  Our house is officially not ours anymore.  Thankfully the money we paid for the cleaning/carpets was well worth it…we passed with flying colors, no money owed, and will even get a bit refund.  *whew*  Time to break out the bubbly (sparkling cider we need to drink since we can’t take it with us) and celebrate our time here coming to an end.  I admit it isn’t my favorite place but it’s been good to us and we have made some good friends here.  Not to mention the proximity to family.  In a few days we will literally be half way around the world from most of them.  No more long weekend trips up the pike, no more 2-3 hour flights to trip over to visit some of the others, and no more wandering the states…getting from one to another in a few hours time.

I found this at The Oatmeal…yeah, not confidence inducing I must say.

Doesn’t inspire confidence in our upcoming trip

After saying all that, I can’t wait to get there and settle in.  Spend some time setting up the house, decorating for the holidays, doing some baking, meeting new people, and exploring an area we know nothing about.  That is exciting!  Beaches, scuba, cans of hot coffee from a vending machine, and sushi!

Btw, I saw Modern Family the other day…why didn’t ya’ll tell me it’s so funny?!  At least this episode was…the part about the faux soy bacon being faucon…faucon disgusting!  I about died laughing…it made me think of some of my “healthy” tries at different dishes and HB’s reaction!!

Speaking of bacon…I also saw this:

Hmmmm…not so sure

I like bacon, I love coffee…I’ll eat one whilst drinking the other but I am not sure about having them combined!

What is your thought on bacon flavored coffee?  Would you try it?

Btw, don’t forget to mix it up at the More Than Mommies Mixer!  Check out some other fun blogs…and Paaarr-tay! 🙂  


5 thoughts on “Nomads and Bacon

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  2. Thanks for linking up to the More Than Mommies Mixer on Friday! We are swinging by to follow everyone back that we don’t already but we are already following you via RSS. Hope you will consider joining us again next Friday for another great party!

    Sending you all kinds of positive vibes for your move! We are currently living with my parents and LONGING for a house of our own (we sold our house and just haven’t found the right one yet) I can’t imagine moving all of the time, though!

    • Thank you! I enjoy the mixer but will probably miss next weeks. 😦 We will flying in that day. Once we get settled I will definitely be back for another mixer. 🙂
      Moving is rough and I can’t imagine sharing another house with a whole other family. I applaud you waiting for the right house. It is definitely not a rush purchase…we’ve made that mistake. Good luck in your house hunting.

  3. I can’t imagine how hard this would be! Your graphic at the top was perfect. I also saw that Modern Family and was laughing over your bacon reference. Hope the move goes as smoothly as possible and thanks for linking up with the #MTMmixer 🙂

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