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Bacon Cheesecake

Ha!  Gotchya.  I really didn’t find bacon cheesecake nor did I make one.  (I bet there’s a recipe on Pinterest for one though…if not, just wait.)  I did however find these:

Yeah, Bacon Candycanes!  Really, why wouldn’t someone just suck on a piece of bacon instead.  Seems like it would taste better.  I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like everything is bacon flavored nowadays.  Bacon coffee, candied bacon, bacon cupcakes, and so much more.  Personally I like bacon, a lot, but to have everything with bacon…no thanks.  Especially my coffee…I prefer that flavor all on it’s own.

Today was one of those random days.  Got some suitcases filled up with various items that we won’t need over the next few days, tossed some things we can’t take/don’t need, and gathered some food items to take to a friends house.  I am trying a roll technique for the suitcases.  So far it seems to be working out fairly well.  I was able to puzzle in all the boys clothes into one bag…with the exception of the next few days pieces and some I need to wash.  I was able to work in most of the school folders, binders, and paper that they also brought home.  I so don’t want to spend a small fortune on all that stuff again.  (Really, why does my 5th grader need a binder for each subject when he stays in one class the whole day?  And the high school “highly recommended” a graphing calculator that E hasn’t even taken out of the packaging!)  Wow, sorry, small tangent there…*squirrel*

Got to eat at Cheesecake factory one last time.  OMG, the lettuce wraps are so good there!  The plate was actually a  The sauces they served with them were delicious!  A peanut sauce, thai, and one other I can’t remember.  The chicken was moist and tender, the cucumbers slightly pickled with red onion, thin sliced carrots, large pieces of red cabbage, and huge leaves of lettuce.  I ate 2…and am still stuffed!  (Yeah, I totally forgot to take a picture of it as I was way too busy stuffing my face.)  I did take a picture of the cheesecakes we got “to go.”  Who goes to CF and doesn’t get a piece?!  If you do,

you’re weird.

Cheesecake Factory Deliciousness!

The boys had the choclate cake…K and E woofed it down and here were the results of that:

Chocolate Wasted

K got “chocolate wasted!”  He even told me he couldn’t eat the last few bites as it had too much chocolate…frosting and chips.  E scooped it up and licked the spoon clean.  HaHa.  He reminds me of me when it comes to that…you don’t waste chocolate!

Yeah…just one gigantic bite!

Do you have a special way to pack luggage?  Any tips?

What’s your thought on bacon flavored items?


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