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Run, Pack, and Pet Peeves

Yesterday was World Run Day…I ran, did you?  It was a quick 3 mile run.  HB decided to go with me so we headed out and around our area one last time.   I got a little teary-eyed when we ran by our house.  It was a good home while we were in it.  I am glad we were able to run and release a little stress at the same time.  Boy, oh boy do we need it.

Packed up our bags.  We have 7…yep, 7 pieces of luggage.  That’s after we realized the original 5 we had weren’t gonna do it and went out to buy 2 more.  They are crammed full of clothes, shoes, pet paraphernalia, kid stuff, and different electronic devices.  It’s gonna be a packed minivan tomorrow.  I have a feeling we may end up tying one of the kids to the top of the roof.  Kidding, maybe.  😉

Bags, bags…everywhere

HB is a little stressed over this part of the move.  He is more of a carry-on only type of traveler.  I am the pack for any possibility type.  HB keeps looking at all the luggage, rolls his eyes, and scrubs his face…huge sighs of exasperation keep escaping.  Between the luggage, pet kennels and all our carry-ons we do have a small household packed up.  It’s a necessary evil though when one is moving permanently half way around the world.  It’s really sinking in that tomorrow we leave and it will take us almost 4 days to make this trip.  Best to take it a little slower and have some down time in between…otherwise it might get ugly.  I have had to keep my hands from wrapping around HB’s neck a few times and giving him a few shakes.  It’ll be a good thing that we are breaking it up a little with a day stop in Seattle.  I wish we had a bit more time to stay and see the sights there…visit the market.  Oh well, I am sure we will get to sometime down the road.

I’ve been noticing a few things lately…pet peeves, really.  Maybe it’s because I am stressed and the little things are getting to me more.  But here are a few things that have been bugging the tar out of me:

1.  People who text while driving.  Seriously people?!!!  If you are looking down the whole time I am passing you then you’re an idiot.  You’re weaving and wobbling all over the road makes me nervous.  I feel the desperate need to honk at you, flip you the bird, and call you all kinds of names then pass you as quickly as possible so you don’t text your friend about the crazy lady and crash into me while doing it.

2.  People who let their dogs take a crap on the sidewalk and don’t clean it up!  WTH.  I run on those sidewalks and while I enjoy a little spice in my runs (seeing a new site, birds or other animals, even people watching) I sincerely don’t like having to dodge poop bombs!  Even worse, miss seeing one and stepping it in.  Or my kids walking through it, running it over with their bikes, etc.  If you can’t manage to kick your dogs butt into the grass before they let one plop at least have the courtesy to!

3.  Biting into something and realizing it’s so not what you thought!  My Cheesecake Factory cheesecake was so not the peanut butter cup I thought I ordered…it was a white chocolate macadamia.  Good but not peanut butter good.  I was looking forward to that dessert and after the first but it just wasn’t the same.

4.  Being told you look tired…all the time.  I get it, I look like death warmed over…thanks for reminding me.  I am tired, I am stressed, I am eating like crap, and I am not exercising like I need.  So, I look beat.  Sorry.  Reminding me doesn’t help.  As soon as things settle down I will get back on the ball and hopefully not look tired so much.

5.  Bad coffee.  It’s all I have so I have to suck it up but it stinks.  Every place should have good coffee.  Especially hotel rooms.  Just sayin’.  It makes people less likely to rage at the lines at the airport if they can have a good cuppa before heading out into the brutal world of travel.

This is NOT coffee

Well, I am off to drown my stress in a big bowl of gelato.  Only cuz it needs to be eaten before we leave tomorrow.  Yeah, that’s it.

How do you handle your stress?

Do you travel by packing for every possibility or by bringing as little as needed?



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