Military Life / Move

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

…don’t know when I’ll be back again. (Movie?) Do you have the sound of his deep, rich baritone in your ears when you think of that part of the movie? R.I.P.

So the first leg of our journey thus far has been pretty good. Aside from HB’s stressing out up until we got to the airport. I sincerely thought I might have to drug him up to get him to relax a little…serious chill pill needed. However, we managed to get the minivan, pack it full, check out on time, and reach the airport in one piece. The drive to the airport was at first punctuated by small spats of minor squabbles…me telling HB to relax before I have to choke him, HB scrubbing his face and sighing, mumbling about how he doesn’t get why we have to travel with so much stuff (everything but the kitchen sink, I believe is what he said), and our dog Brownie whining like only a small dog can. Once we all got a last taste of Chick-fil-A in our bellies and Brownie was allowed to curl up with one of the boys things settled down. A little classical music on the radio helped too. Btw, it is amazing what you can fit into a Dodge minivan. To be precise…1 large kennel, 1 small kennel, 8 pieces of luggage, 3 back packs, 1 medium carry-on, a large purse, 3 neck pillows, 1 regular pillow, and a laptop case. Oh yeah, we travel light. 😉 HB is gonna sneer at that one. HaHa

Alaska Airlines is a pretty darned good airline. Just sayin’. We got someone who unloaded our bags, took them to the front counter, and were checked in on the spot. No waiting in line. I’m not sure if we hit it just right or what but it was pretty smooth sailing considering the size of our accompaniment. The people behind the counter were helpful, nice, and worked with us on the whole military move thing. They allow you to travel heavier than normal due to the reasoning. We had overweight bags, excess bags, and didn’t get charged a dime for it. The service crew were great with the dogs…talking to them and being friendly. We also received a confirmation ticket when we boarded letting us know the pups were safely stashed below. (Hopefully we don’t find they got motion sick though.) While we did have to pay for our food, I must admit for what we got, it was worth it. $6 for a snack pack….but they had about 6 choices and one of them was vegan and gluten free! There was even a fruit, cheese, and cracker option. The hot meals were priced the same but looked like regular airline food…no thanks.


The also offer Wi-Fi, with a fee, and offer rented digi-players. $10 but it has movies, TV shows, and a few other options for entertainment. Well worth it if you ask me. The boys were able to share one and happily wiled away the 5 hour flight with their faces glued to the screen.


Oh, the seats on the plane…while not the softest, had some pretty nifty features…headrest adjusted up, down, and even pulled in to cradle your head. Not sure but it seemed like there might have been a tad more leg room too.

An airline after my own heart! Dark chocolate and Starbucks!


We are checked into the hotel and it is 11pm here. 2am where we came from. The boys are pretty wiped out. The dogs are pooped from the long haul in the kennels. I think we are all ready for a rest and a couple hours of relaxation before the next leg of our journey. The longest leg…God help us. Seriously, prayers welcome.

Have you traveled on an airline that impressed you?

* apologies if this is a little off…it’s been a long day!


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