Alaska Airlines and A Small Tour

I am trying to get all my pics from the various devices I used throughout the trip. I am now able to tether as we got new phones! IPhone 5’s!! 🙂 HB and I are in Apple heaven. LoL we both are Mac/Apple fans although I won’t get started on iTunes.

Anywho, here are a few pics from our flight with Alaska Airlines. We really enjoyed flying with them. The services was very good and the food is some of the best I’ve had on an airplane.





The first 3 pictures are of us waiting to board. Once we got all checked in and knew the dogs would be ok it became much easier to relax and wait. The other pictures are of the food we were able to purchase. Their “picnic” boxes were quite nice and I believe worth the price. $6 for a box…considering the name brands in the box I wasn’t too upset paying. And of course the fact that they served Starbucks makes them top notch in my book! Yes I am a bit of a Starbucks snob.

They also served some nice teas that you could choose from…this cran-apple was pretty tasty.

Today was a decent day. The boys decided to go to bed early, like 4pm early, yesterday. So therefore they were wide awake at 2am this morning. *sigh* let’s just say that my boys are not what you would call quiet. They think that a whisper anything below a scream. And of course the one bathroom is in our bedroom…which means the light is turned on right in my eyes about 3-4 times a night. It isn’t conducive to a good nights sleep. So today I made them aware of the fact that they will not nap, they will stay awake until at least 8pm, and then they will sleep until at least 5 am. HB has his first day of work tomorrow and I really don’t think they want grumpy to show up. I got to go for my first run in our new area this morning. It was very interesting as it is much hillier here than the flatland I am used to running. My calves are yelling at me this evening. I hope it will help me sleep though. It was a beautiful morning for a run too. A cool 68 with a light wind. I got lost a few times…thankfully I was smart and brought the map with me. I probably looked like a real newb standing on the street corner, turning in circles and staring at the map. Eh, oh well. Everyone was a newbie at some point in time. The picture of the sights I have is on my new phone, which I can’t upload due to not having Wi-Fi. I will get it loaded soon though. It is quite green here…guess that’s to be expected. Tropical climate and all.

Our sponsor took us around for a few hours this afternoon to show us the base. It is huge compared to our last one. At least 3x the size. I got a little turned around a few times while they were driving. It will take some getting used to and I am grateful for GPS.

Oh! I found my car! The pink Fit is alive and well in Japan! I am trying to talk HB into letting me get one. I was so excited when I saw it and even more so when I looked inside. It’s compact but roomy! HB isn’t sold on it, yet! Something about the color. He doesn’t want to drive a pink car. Fine by me. No need to drive it…he can have his own car! 😉 Just a little more sweet talking. I can so picture it now…some flowers hanging from the rearview mirror, a few window stickers, and a nice pink cheetah steering wheel cover! Oh yeah! I told him he can pick whatever car he wants…within reason.

Oh yeah…tomorrow is a power outage from 0730-1630. All day while HB is at work I get to be stuck wi the boys and no power. I see a trip to the store and a long walk in our future. No way they make it without their games for that long if I don’t find something else for them to do.

Well, it’s almost time for bed…8pm is getting close and I need to do some laundry. Not sure my eyes are going to stay open but

I am getting antsy to decorate! They keep talks g about Black Friday…!!

are you decorating yet?


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