Military Life / Move

High Hopes and Jet Lag

I’ll admit it…we’ve been blessed so far.  Our trip has gone well, no major hiccups.  I find myself, however, getting easily frustrated with the processes over here.  I am not sure if it is just me, lack of sleep, jet lag, or all of the above.  I guess I didn’t think through the whole moving in the middle of the holiday season either.  In my mind, we were supposed to be settled into our new home before the end of the month so I could get my holiday decorating, baking, and shopping/wrapping fix on.  *sigh*  Yeah, not so much.

The holidays are messing with my plans.  Everything will be closed which means a lot of things will go on the back burner for the long weekend.  Which means we are stuck in transition still.  No car, not so great living quarters, and no idea what to do.  Our disappointments with what we thought and reality are mounting by the day.  Our first shock was the TLF (living quarters).  Quite the step down from where we were and so small that we are tripping over each other and the dogs constantly.  It doesn’t help our sleep when the boys have to traipse through our room to use the restroom…of course they must turn on the light, right in our eyes each and every time.  E and K are sleeping on a pull out couch that has seen better days…to be nice about it.  K said he thinks all the springs are broken because there is “no bounce at all!”  With the stains and rips prevalent on the cushions and mattress, it wouldn’t surprise me to know this thing is beyond its normal wear and tear.  Our full size bed is worse than the air mattress we were sleeping on back in Delaware.  Hard as a rock doesn’t quite do it.  We find ourselves flopping around like fish out of water trying to get comfortable.

The kitchen is…well, it’ll do.  I don’t mind having to wash everything by hand.  (K washed dishes “old school” for the first time the other night…he said it was fun!  LoL  Yep, he hasn’t done it again.)  The laundry isn’t in the room which isn’t so bad except my last load of laundry mysteriously had 3 rags in it when I pulled it out of the washer.  I am sure they weren’t in my load or laying at the bottom when I dumped it in!  Not.Happy.  A little grossed out too as one looked like it was stained an icky orangish/brown with God knows what!!

My next disappointment came this morning when HB called to say that on base housing is pretty full and they aren’t sure if there will be one available for us anytime soon.  *sigh*  My heart fell as we were pretty set on living on base.  There’s a chance but sounds like it’s not a good one.  It is very hard to look for housing off base, in a different country, with no car, and no idea what is a good place!  I was so hoping to avoid it.

E and K need to get into school soon too.  Even though they aren’t too worried about it.  I am unsure if I should register them in hopes of getting a house on base or at least in the same district.

HB keeps telling me it will all fall into place but it’s hard for me.  I don’t do “nothing” well.  It isn’t relaxing for me to be in a place with no job, no house, and not a whole lot to do but watch bad TV while the kids drive me nuts.

Alright, it’s been one of those days.  I need my Keurig…


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