Food / Military Life


Today was a long day…death by PowerPoint, as they say. We had briefings about the base, what they offer, what to do/not do, places to go and so much more. It was a day full of information-about half of which went in one ear and out the other. -Just keeping it real.- A lot of that had to do with the people briefing. There were a few that kept your attention, spoke well, knew their stuff without reading the slides, and even had some jokes or witty commentary. Then there were the ones who read the slides, looked/acted bored, and had a monotone voice that lolled you into a stupor (especially after lunch). I must admit that I learned some nice things, the large map of the area (I grabbed 2) were a great find and the freebies-who doesn’t love free stuff?- fulfilled my inner child. Even if it was just a pen and stress ball.


The best part of the day was taking the driving test! Oh yeah…I’m legal to drive! Ha…jokes on them. :). I don’t know what they are thinking…a quick tutorial on the laws/rules of the road and a 20 question test then BOOM…license! Did you know that they drive on the wrong left side of the road here? The wheel is on the left…they said if you remember nothing else to not forget the quote “keep you’re hiney on the liney and you’ll do just finey!” LoL. Seriously. Now to find a car so I can terrorize the natives! HeeHee

We decided to try out a new place to eat…Cafe Latte. They are right on the base, maybe 2 blocks from our hotel, and they serve Starbucks! Score! The food was pretty good…my taco rice bowl was, well, a lot of rice. The shell was better than Taco Bells though! Yum.


Finally got to check our mail. HB about had a cow when we had over 15 slips for boxes. No I didn’t order a store…just a quarter of one. So phhhffft on you. Actually it was notices for the same 8 or so packages, some of which were final notices. Whew…I woulda been upset if they sent back the gifts I ordered. I’ve been good this year at preplanning holiday gifts since we are in the middle of the move. Hate to go through it all again.

I’m happy to report I got a decent nights sleep. Tylenol PM!! It did wonders. I woke up once but fell right back to sleep. I could have even slept in longer this morning if it hadn’t been for the briefing business. I fully intend to take some again tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning until I feel like getting up. Since I don’t have to cook anything (not that I could even if I wanted to) I am going to take advantage.

I am having a hard time with missing this Thanksgiving’s prep and the knowledge that I can’t start my Christmas decorating. Oh well…we have been blessed with an invitation to our sponsors house. We’ll take it. So much to be grateful for…

If I don’t get a chance tomorrow…HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!


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