Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Another holiday for this year gone…which means the end is near. Of the year that is…not the world. I really don’t think we are going to see the end of the universe as we know it as the Mayans predicted. But just in case, it was nice knowing ya. 😉

We were blessed with our sponsors inviting us to their house for Thanksgiving. I started out my day with my own Turkey Trot around the area…it’s an easy way to get to know your surroundings. Plus, I figure most people would be willing to direct me back if I just couldn’t find my way. I managed to located the main drag though so from there I was good. A little drizzle kept me cool…the weather here will take some getting used to. It is most definitely humid. The second you step our the door and move a muscle you are dewy. And this is their “winter/cool months.” And oh the hills…my bum will now be high and tight after a few more rounds with them!

After my run we headed over to our sponsors and got to know a couple that will be leaving here shortly. Unfortunately that is the way of the military. Just when you get to know them, they leave. But it goes around…you’re apt to see them again. It may be 10 years later but you’re one big family and it’s easy to pick back up where you left off. Anywho, there was deep fried turkey, stuffing, mash, corn, green beans, collard greens, biscuits, gravy, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin and pecan pies, and cookies. We ate until we were stuffed like a turkey and then sat on the patio letting it digest. Btw, I found my new favorite wine! Dezanni, I think it is…will be making a stop at the store to find me some soon! It’s a Moscato and oh so smooth, crisp, and lightly bubbled. My mouth waters thinking of it.

We also got to see what our housing will possibly look like…not as bad as I thought. If we get that style I believe we will be happy. It was a decent size with 2 1/2 bathrooms, a dining room, decent sized living room, and 3 bedrooms. I know with the items we stored we can definitely make the space work. I also found out about a nice store to pick up some local pieces if we need more. 😉 HB will be thrilled.

It is a growing pain to watch football here. With the time difference we get to watch it early in the morning. Not conducive to wings and beer. ^_- I am still trying to figure out what time everything is on…thank goodness for streaming. I am sure I will be using it a lot!

Do you Black Friday shop? Online or in stores?




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