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Night on the Town

Your new in town and you don’t know many people. The minute you step outside the gates of the known you walk into a whole new world. The language, the signs, the money…all different and strange to you. So what do you do? You go pull a rope! Ok, well if there happens to be a festival right outside the gate of the place you’re staying. And it just so happens there was one today. The Gate 2 Festival. The little area outside hosts a 2 day party…carnival/festival with vendors, dancers, and various cultural exchanges.

As our luck would have it, this evening was the rope pull. 2 large (when I say large I mean the size of a big tree trunk) ropes are pinned together and the west and east side of the town each pull to see who wins. It’s the largest game of tug-o-war I’ve ever seen! There is a larger one in Naha that we will get to see next year.

They let the kids try first. Those poor things tried their hardest but I don’t think they managed to budge it. LoL. The adults were given 2 tries at it. The west won both go arounds…of course that was the side HB and the kids were on. 😉


We got to try some of the local cuisine…yeah, we ate it before I got a pic. Next time I’ll snap some before we scarf it down…I hope. No promises. 🙂 Needless to say it was good.

I did capture a photo of the ice cream we got from the local Baskin Robins…they were so polite and took time to put together K’s brownie sundae.


I saw the sign for Habu Saki…it’s a “realman’s” drink! HaHa. It actually is Saki with a snake curled up in it. The venom supposedly leaks out into the Saki and gives it quite the kick. No I haven’t tried it…

The old saying of it being a small world was quite evident when we ran into some old friends we hadn’t seen in 6ish years. Also managed to bump into our sponsor and some others.

All in all today was a great intro to the “outside” world beyond the military gates. We had fun, saw some of the culture, and tasted a few of the local cuisine items. I think if we can keep this up we will have a good time here.

If only we could get into a house…

*the last few entries have been from my phone so apologies for the brevity, choppiness, and any bad spelling/grammar*


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