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Rain in my Monday

Wow…rain. So much rain. And I am sure this is nothing compared to what a typhoon is like. It was dreary and overcast as I set out this morning and it turned to a outright downpour by the time it hit noon. Definitely rainy season…definitely. Sheets of it were rolling off the windshield and it took all of 5 seconds to go from dry to soaking wet. Around here you learn quickly to carry an umbrella, or 3, with you at all times. It may look nice when you go in somewhere but can turn on a dime. Yeah, I’ve only been here a week…one learns quickly or gets wet. Very wet.

Yesterday I got to try some of the local Soba…noodles famous here. They were pretty good but it was the tender, tasty pieces of spare ribs that accompanied the noodles that stole the taste buds! The meat was mildly sweet, falling off the bone and full of flavor. Green onions and pickled ginger topped the bowl off and added an extra layer of yum. (E finished off the bowl of noodles for me and ate the onion and ginger. Shhhh…I didn’t tell him that’s what it was.) Alongside the bowl were 2 crispy spring rolls. They reminded me more of a small egg roll…crispy outside with slightly crunchy veggies inside. (Did you spy my carrot cake in the background? Yeah, that was good too! HB helped me finish that off…a hardship he could handle.) So, glad we went for a run and long walk! I foresee the need to run/exercise lots in order to maintain here. The food is dangerous…deliciously dangerous.

Both boys ordered a Club Sandwich that came with a choice of side…french fries of course. Devoured.

We were offered a house today on base. One was acceptable and the other…not so much. Unfortunately they were both in the middle of a quadplex and we were hoping for an end unit. The acceptable house had a nice backyard, no direct neighbors behind us, and was recently renovated. It’s small…maybe 1200 sq ft but we were expecting that size. Another nice thing is the quadplex is on a lone street, quiet neighborhood but has a basketball court and small playground close enough that the boys can easily walk.

We are going to speak with a housing rep tomorrow to find out some more information on the school districting and also the possibility of another location to view. There is a housing area here we would prefer, I think, if we can get it but I know HB would love an end unit even the same area of the acceptable house. Only time will tell…tomorrow we should know where we are going to live. The best thing is the house is available right away so we could move in as soon as our things can be delivered!! I am excited about that prospect for sure. Please keep us in your prayers that things work out for the best! 4 years is a long time to live in one place…especially with such close neighbors and small quarters.

I am going to end on a happy note…Marvelous in My Monday! While things aren’t going the way we may want them too I must admit that it is marvelous to be in a new country, learning new things, seeing the sites, absorbing the culture, and eating…oh, the eating. Once we get settled into a house and routine I know it will be simply marvelous!

Do you cyber Monday shop? I think it will be my new go-to being over here!


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