Coming Up Roses…or Palm Trees

🙂 We got our house! 🙂 I am super duper excited. It isn’t exactly the one we wanted but it will more than do. It is renovated, 3 bedroom, 2 story, with a decent sized kitchen, dining room, nice size living room, and a back yard that faces a small “jungle.” We are in a middle unit of a quadplex but it’s on a quiet road. K’s school is a few blocks away, we are central to most things on the base, and a main gate is right up the road.

Even better news…our stuff is all here and they can deliver it Thursday! Tomorrow we pick up the keys and can start hauling our luggage over. 🙂 I can’t wait to be in a full size house again. I know the kids will be glad to once again have their own space. I can’t wait to have a full compliment of kitchen supplies, a couch, and my bed! Oh Sleep Number how I have missed you!! We shall soon reunite for a cozy cuddle and sweet dreams together. I need to make a list for restocking the large pantry we have. 🙂

Speaking of kids. Schools in session! All registered and ready to go. E meets with the guidance counselor tomorrow morning and may get to some of his classes for the day. (Not that he’s all that happy about it.) K starts Thursday morning. E will have to walk almost a mile to get to and from school. Most days that won’t be a big deal but the days it rains cats and dogs will be rough. I am hoping we can make arrangements to drive/pick him up on such occasions.

To top it all off…we got our car today! Well, it’s HB’s car really but he will have to share until I can get my pink vroom vroom. Over here there isn’t a shortage of pink cars so it won’t be long before I can get one…mostly looking at needing a job to pay for it. (That’s the one big stink-o here so far…jobs are hard to get right away.) HB is excited to drive his own vehicle and not borrow one from people. I am so thankful for those who have been so generous to us by allowing us the use of their vehicles or driving us around. It will be great to drive our own vehicle…heck, it will be great to drive. I haven’t gotten a chance to test out my mad wrong side of the road skilz since I got my license.

I’ll post some pics soon, promise! Today went so quick I didn’t have time to photog like I shoulda. Tomorrow. I hope.


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