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Pretzel Bites (White Chocolate Macadamia and Dark Chocolate Sandwich) and MIMM

It’s Monday!  🙂  Isn’t that mah-velous?!  This guy certainly thinks so…lazy little lap dog.

Lap Dog

Lap Dog

What a life.

Slowly but surely I am removing the paper and boxes from our house.  This weekend was very productive thanks to HB…we buckled down and made good use of the rainy days to unpack and put things away.  Today I was on my own as HB had work and the boys were in school.

I got up and enjoyed my morning cup of coffee.  (Oh Keurig, you rock!  I missed you oh so much.)  After seeing HB and E off I watched a little TV.  I’m not sure what it is but I got sucked into watching Teen Mom 2…I just couldn’t seem to change the channel until a commercial came on.  Sad really.  One girl was talking about how she “just can’t quite smoking pot” and now has to go to jail for 45 days.  Yeah, she had a kid.  Great role model.  I can’t believe I wasted those minutes of my morning.  *sigh*  I managed to change the channel and enjoy the rest of my slow wake up until it was time to get K ready to go.

I walked him to school…it’s exactly 1/2 mile.  Uphill.  In the rain.  LoL  Some days.  Not today.  Today it was bright and sunshiny.

I got in a 2 mile run and then headed back home for more box fun.  The living room is now usable and the kitchen all put away and clean.  I can see counter!  So clean in fact I was able to do some baking.  Pretzel Bites.  Chocolate and pretzels…sweet and salty.  So good…and so addicting.

Salty and Sweet

Salty and Sweet

The recipe is super easy although I wouldn’t say quick.  Unwrapping all those chocolates is time consuming!  Especially when you do a 3-1 unwrap…unwrap 3 and pop 1 in your mouth.  😉  Ok, it wasn’t quite that ratio but still…slow going.  I got the idea to make some white chocolate macadamia nut kind when the package of nuts fell on me when moving a few things around.  Now, I would recommend halving the bliss pieces if you use the square pretzels like I did as they cover the whole pretzel and tend to be a bit much.  I switched it up a little and put a peanut M&M on some of them and even some macadamia nuts on the kisses.  (They are good with the hugs!)  I also sandwiched another pretzel on top of the large bliss pieces…the dark chocolate bliss-DElish!  You can make these GF by using GF pretzels.

Pretzel Bites

Thanks to Katie@Healthy Diva Eats for hosting MIMM!  I hope the start to your week is sweet and salty.  🙂 thehealthydiva1


5 thoughts on “Pretzel Bites (White Chocolate Macadamia and Dark Chocolate Sandwich) and MIMM

  1. Seeeeeeee I made something similar one year and they were DANGEROUS! Oh so dangerously good! Pretzels and sweet are a downfall for me, obsessed! I want to make a pretzel style cookie this year I think, that would be good!

    Happy Monday! ❤

    • They taste pretty awesome too. LoL The possibilities are limitless with the different hersheys and M&Ms available nowadays. I plan to bake tons too! I love the holidays…the goodies especially.

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