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WIAW, an Interview, and my new PINK car!

So, yeah…I have an interview for a job on Friday.  It isn’t exactly the one I wanted   and it’s only a temp position but I am trying to look at the bright side.  It’s a job, a foot in the door, a way to network.  I’m not the only one interviewing so there’s a good chance I won’t even get it.  Prayers would be appreciated that the interview goes well.

OOoookkk.  I am watching a Japanese channel (they show English language shows) and they just showed a commercial for placenta pills.  I wish I could understand the whole thing.  I am pretty sure they were saying it was a way to rejuvenate and look/stay young…the tweeny looking actresses were patting their faces like it was a miracle pill.  I didn’t catch the price.  My question is who’s/what placenta?  Um, no thanks.

Anywho…I picked up my car today.  She’s pretty in pink.  🙂  I woulda taken a few pics with her but it was raining all day…again.  Not drizzle.  Rain.  So, tomorrow they said it was supposed to “just be cloudy” and I will try then.  I am excited to drive her around.  I still don’t have a name though.  Any ideas?

So, it’s Wednesday and I haven’t been able to WIAW lately so I figured today was a great day to participate.  Thanks to Jen@PeasandCrayons for hosting!

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays

(Love the new look!)

Gotta admit I haven’t been eating well lately.  I am trying really hard now that we are semi-settled in to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon.  It isn’t easy over here…the food pickings are slim at the grocery store on the base and when I am paying $9 for a bag of potatoes it gets a tad pricey too!  (Yes, $9 for about 5-6 russet potatoes!)  I am told that when I venture off base/go shopping on the economy I will find some better prices on produce.  *whew*  Now that I have a car I will be taking some road trips to find these markets.

So the food:

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee…the last one I made into a latte with my Keurig milk frother.  (Love that thing!)

Lunch:  cheese stick, peanut butter cookies from yesterday x2, greek yogurt

Snack: Apple Pie Popcorn, Hot Milk Tea (Have I told you about the awesome vending machines here?  Hot and cold drinks!  So cool.)

Dinner:  Spaghetti Squash w/Italian Sausage sauce, corn, and parmesan garlic Italian bread


Surprisingly E didn’t mind the spaghetti squash, especially smothered in the sauce and parmesan.  HB said it was edible but made a comment after the first bite…”What is this?!  I can taste it…Hmmmm, I can tell it’s something different.”  K didn’t like it but I think HB saying something made led him astray.  If daddy doesn’t like it then K doesn’t either.  Stinker.

I made this Apple Pie Popcorn for a snack today.  It was tasty.  I use a popcorn popper we bought at Walmart…I like making our own better than the bag stuff.  Either will work though.

Apple Pie Popcorn Pic

Don’t forget the ideas for names for my pink car!


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