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Paaarrt-tay! (5K with mild hangover & a day in pictures)

I meant to post yesterday.  Truly I did.  However we went to a Christmas party and stayed longer than we expected.  Drank more than I meant to seeing as I had a 5K to run the next morning.  Let’s just say running with a pounding head, rumbly tummy, and feeling like you just might toss your cookies isn’t much fun.  The party was better than expected especially since we didn’t really know anyone.  I totally didn’t take pictures of the food or much at the party.  I didn’t want people to think I was weird.  I did get it a pic of HB and I:

Christmas Party 2012

Bre Cmas Party 2012

I was able to meet a few more of the spouses that HB works with and I feel like they are good peeps.  Once we zig-zagged our way home and fell into bed it was lights out.  All too soon the alarm went off for wake-up to run.  K was excited to run so I couldn’t back out and after the extra calories from the drinks I consumed I felt it only fitting punishment to run it off.

Tinsel Trot 5KThe day was beautiful for a run…cool and crisp.  The base youth center hosted the run and I would guess around 200 people showed up.  Strollers were abundant, kids ranging from 3-18 were running, and there were clubs galore ready to pound the pavement.  K beat me across the line and will be rubbing it in for the next few weeks.  He’s quite the gifted runner…I hope he keeps it going.

The rest of our day was spent exploring off base for the first time.  We decided to check out the “American Village”/Mihama.  It is definitely a touristy type area but has tons to see and do.  We walked around for a few hours and I am sure missed tons of stores and eateries.  It holds a lot to do and see and we will be heading back there again soon.

We ate at a Thai restaurant…a compromise.  The food was amazingly delicious!  Flavorful and artfully presented.

8 Dec 2012

A few pics while we waited.


The orchids were in a variety store…absolutely beautiful!  We ate some Blue Seal Ice Cream…I had a crepe with vanilla ice cream and a purple sweet potato paste that was tasty.  (E had to finish my crepe after I dug out all the sweet potato.)  These table leg socks were too funny!  Shot from the ice cream store.  A dragon in the midst of a very large arcade…the boys could stay in there all day.


Sunset Beach…the weather was overcast so the background isn’t the best view but on a clear day I think it will be amazing.  The water was a pretty blue color…definitely not the Atlantic Coast beach I am used to seeing.

Sunset Beach

I found these super cute wine covers!  The one has a hat and attached braid!!  I couldn’t resist.

wine bottle covers

I found this flower on the way home from picking up K from school.  Bloom fully open and lightly swaying in the breeze…


K and I found this large snail on the way home.  He just had to keep him…so he’s in our front yard.  K named him Jeffrey…lol…Jeffrey the Snail.  (I think Jeffrey is dead, he hasn’t moved since we placed him there.)

Jeffrey the snail

Have you ever run with a hangover?  (I don’t recommend it…the hangover or running with one.)

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

P.S.  I know I am a day late for the MTMMixer but figured I would post anyway.  mixinitup


3 thoughts on “Paaarrt-tay! (5K with mild hangover & a day in pictures)

  1. I can’t believe you ran with the hangover! That takes so serious strength there! And you have such great pics–loved the one of the beautiful flower. Thanks for linking up with the #MTMmixer 🙂

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