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O Christmas Tree…(+ Rolo Pretzel Bites/MIMM)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…in our house anyways.  🙂  I guess that’s part of the downside of living on a tropical island in the Pacific.  It’s a lush bright green outside and the low’s are running in the 60’s.  We are trying to bring the holidays inside the home though.  Tree is up.  House is decorated.  A few lights are wrapped around our palm tree in the front yard.  Palm tress with lights…it’s an oddity to me at this time.

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

I also found this tiny reindeer curled up on my couch…Brownie the ReindeerI am finding it hard to get into the spirit of the holidays.  The stores here aren’t all decked out with gobs of decorations like one would see in the states.  Even the streets aren’t very holly with jolly.  Not a lot of people decorating their houses or buildings with holiday cheer.  I do believe that is part of the problem though…”Holiday.”

Why do we insist on making everything so politically correct?  It’s Christmas…a time of year that has been celebrated for a specific reason for hundreds of years.  The reason for the season is still the same…Christ.  It’s a time of year to remember His birth.  And even if you’re not a believer then it is a time for family, to give to those less fortunate, share in the magic of Santa and his reindeer, and wonder at the lights and sounds of a season where people can come together.  It’s a holiday, sure…but we haven’t changed the name of the turkey, Valentine’s, or St. Patrick’s Day.

I won’t get on my soapbox about the over saturation and commercialization of all these different holidays.  It’s sad.

Alrighty then…I’m done.

On to a lighter and brighter topic.  What’s your favorite Christmas memory?  Mine…sneaking through the closets with my older brother to find  the presents.  LoL  We would distract our little brother so he wouldn’t know what we were up to and rat us out.  I would play lookout while my older brother would riffle the presents.  He got really good at slicing the tape just right to peak at the goods.  My mom caught on and one year decided she would try to trick us by not labeling the gifts with our names.  She used numbers.  The problem, she forgot which number belonged to which person!  We were opening each others presents as she tried to figure out who she’d assigned as a certain number.  I think in the end we got to open a present that actually belonged to us.  Joke was on us all that year!  😉

These babies aren’t a joke…Rolo Pretzel Bites.  Pretzel, caramel, and chocolate…some with a nutty pecan on top and others just smushed in-between another pretzel.  Deliciously tasty.

Rolo Pretzel BitesJust follow my recipe for the Pretzel Bites subbing the Rolo’s for Kisses and topping with a pecan or another pretzel.  (I added the pecan on the top before placing in the oven so it could toast up a little…just press down after it comes out.)

These were definitely Marvelous in My Monday!  Along with my morning run and coffee.  Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most marvelous.  🙂  Thanks to Healthy Diva Eats for hosting this Mah-velous hop.


Are you a feeling simply mah-velous today?

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?


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