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Birthday Boy=presents, balloons and cake

Today is a special day.  My youngest turned 11!  He’s getting so grown up.  I can’t believe how much the time has flown by without me realizing.  HB and I were talking about how they have gone from snotty, whiny, drooling, little babies to snotty, whiny, drooling big boys.  Jokes.  (Kinda.)  😉  They are now both more than capable of spending much time without us parents.  Some days I am fine with it but then days like today happen, I realize that we are slowly losing them to the world.  They are growing up more and more each day.  Soon they will have kids of their own.

This song says a lot of how I feel…”You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins.  Awesome song.

So, I made my first totally homemade cake today.  Cake and icing…the whole sha-bang!  From Scratch!  I’ve made icing before but never the cake.  K wanted an all vanilla cake…icing and all.  I broke out the trusty Betty Crocker cookbook.  She’s stained and pages stuck together…we’ve been through a lot!  Many holidays and celebrations…always my trusty sidekick in the kitchen.  🙂  She didn’t let me down this time either.  The cake came out moist, fluffy, and tasted just as good, if not better, than a store bought cake.

I got artsy and went for the BeyBlade theme…K is into those.  I decided the easiest was to make a stadium.  Here is what I came up with:

K Bday cakeI’m not going into business anytime soon…lol.  It took me almost all day to do this darned thing.  Thankfully the licks of icing as I went kept me pinging going.  (Might explain the crooked lines.)  Buttercream…it does a body goooooood.  And then I crashed from the sugar high…so I licked the spoon and got going again.  Ha!  I had to the reclean kitchen a few times.  Between the flour and powdered sugar…lets just say it got a bit dusty.  I won’t go into the mess of the icing coloring.  Just think rainbows and you’ll get the idea. 😉

K is always super excited about anything above normal so he was rearing to go this morning and asking about opening his presents every 5 minutes after he got home.  After making his requested dinner (Manwich, green beans, and pineapple) we let him rip (pun intended).

Bday Boy K

The biggest hitch of the day was when I decided to buy some balloons, walk to his school, and surprise K on his walk home.  I never thought a person could get beat up by balloons.  They can and I did.  I walked there with balloons hitting me in the head the whole way and trying to strangle me with the strings.  After waiting for 20 minutes with no K in sight, I figured he must have gone a different route with some friends.  (He likes to sidetrack to the park.)  I wasn’t terribly happy that I stood there, in the wind and drizzle, and he snuck around me.  When I got home he wasn’t there…so now I am ticked and worried.  As I was stomping to my (pink) car to go looking for him something niggled my brain…it’s Tuesday.  Crrrraaap!!  Tuesdays is homework club.  *duh*

Tomorrow I get to bake 4 dozen cookies for a cookie/ornament exchange.  My poor, poor kitchen.  Bettty, where are you?!

I need to go running.  Sugar to blood ratio is getting too high.

I’m contemplating a Twitter account.  That way I can tweet along with the other bloggers out there…follow the blog hop rules.  *gasp*  You caught me…I don’t tweet.  I’m a bad, bad blogger.  Thankfully this one doesn’t require a tweet, tweet, twiddly tweet despite it’s name.


Are you a Twit?  Twitter?  Tweeter?  Whatev.  I’m behind the times, I know.  Right now I’m fine with it.

Do you bake your own cakes or buy them?

Are you a messy cook?  (HB says I’m lucky my food tastes so good since I’m such a messy cook.)  ^_-


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