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WIAW…let’s talk cookies

Oh the cookies!  If I don’t see another one for at least a week it won’t be enough time.  I attended a cookie exchange that required you bring 4 dozen homemade cookies.  So after baking all day yesterday (K’s birthday cake) I woke up to take a go at my kitchen again.  This time to make 48 cookies.  Except I decided to double each batch of the 2 types of cookies I wanted to bake.  Oh, did I mention each batch made approximately 36 cookies.  Yeah…(did you do the math?)…36 x2 x 2=144!  144 Cookies!  I am a baking machine.

I made these (recipe from PinterestChocolate Cherry Kisses):

Chocolate Cherry KissesAnd these (another Pinterest inspired recipe- Nutjammers…I made a few modifications) :

NutjammersThey tasted good…I had to test them of course.  So you can guess what I ate this Wednesday


I managed to have a scone and latte after my morning run.  Then I had some leftover burrito pie for lunch/dinner.  (Recipes to come.)

Scones and Burrito PieDid I mention all the cookies I ate?

More CookiesWe were asked to taste test each of the cookies brought to the exchange.  Let’s just say I am still buzzing off the sugar.

Not my finest day of eating… healthy wise.  However it was some good tasting.  😉

I did run 3 miles this morning and walked another 1.5.  I needed it.

So, OT (off topic)…my dog burned my leg.  Yep, my dog.  He has been a tad clingy lately.  As soon as my bum is reaching for a seat he is at the ready to jump in my lap.  Today was no exception.  This time I happened to have piping hot tea in my hand and he didn’t even bother to wait for my a@@ to hit the seat before he made the leap.  His head met the mug holding said hot tea and it sloshed all over my leg.  (Did I tell you it had just been brewed?  Hot…freakin’ hot!)  It was a slight blessing that I hadn’t quite taken the seat as it was less effort to jump up and pull my pants away from my now screaming skin.  Thankfully tea has healing properties, right?  So maybe what burned me will heal me as well.  ^_-

Do you go on marathon baking binges?

What’s your favorite cookie?


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