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How NOT to earn brownie points with your kids

As a Mom of older kids I am constantly looking for ways to make “brownie points” with my boys.  One is a teenager with hormones starting to rage through his body, making it hard to be cool or do much of anything right (according to their world).  The other is following close behind in his steps…partially just to do what older brother is doing.

Lately I am far from earning any points.  If anything I am dipping into my reserves…slowly dwindling them down and fastly becoming the hated one.

Today was no exception.  As I drove back from enforcing a practice I mentally tallied my latest loss of brownie points:

1.  Force children to move to Japan…switching schools.

2.  Force children to go back to school after moving and having 2 extra weeks off from school.

3.  Driving child to practice he doesn’t want to attend even though he  asked to join and $30 in fees were paid.

4.  Make child clean up his room.

5.  Homework.

6.  Enforce bed time.

7.  Disallow the playing/downloading/watching of R rated movies/games.

8.  Vegetables.

9.  Try to explain…well, anything.

10.  Speak to them…in public.

Ok, this list could get quite long but these are just recent transgressions.  I feel them slowly hating me.  I still get hugs though, at home when there is no one looking.

Oh, I also made them try these: Purple Sweet Potato IMG_0403

Yep, they are truly purple.  No food coloring involved in these puppies.  It’s a little odd to eat something so purple…they tasted good though.  Slightly drier than their orange cousins but still good.

I wrapped some Christmas presents today.  The tree isn’t lonely anymore.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Do you like wrapping presents?  Do you make them all pretty with bows and ribbon or just wrap them?


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