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Virtual Running…5Ks to come

I signed up for the Fit 4 Life Race Series!  3 virtual 5Ks with t-shirt and bling!  🙂  I like bling, a lot.  This series is sponsored by the Fargo Marathon Rocks 2013.  2013-Marathon-PickLogo

There are some runs here but not nearly as many as I was used to in the U.S.  Especially my favorite length, the half marathon.  (All the bling/goodies for half the miles and price.)  So I am searching for ways to run virtually and found this series.  I also found a few half and full marathon virtual races.  They offer t-shirts and bling…so cool!  Not sure I am up to a full marathon by my lonesome, just cuz, but a half might be good.  Prep for the Okinawa Marathon in 2014, possibly. 😉

Still no word on my interview.  The process here is slow.  Super slow.  😦  I am getting antsy already.  I need to relax and enjoy the time off.  Maybe catch up on a few good books…?   More time to run.  I need to get some weights in too.  Maybe I’ll become a gym rat.  LoL  Naw…

Look at what hopped into our house this evening.  He was on the porch and when HB let the pups outside the little guy took the opportunity to hop onto HBs leg.  Startled, HB shook his leg and proceeded to fling froggie into the house.  Froggie was feeling the Christmas spirit and hopped onto our Christmas tree glass next to the sparkly tinsel.  I think he liked it there because he wouldn’t budge as I tried to capture him to put him back outside.

Froggie visitor

Froggie visitor

We also have a lizard…he caught me off guard when I walked into our kitchen.  It was sunset and all I could see was movement on the ground.  When I flicked on the lights I saw Mr. lizard sitting in the middle of the floor.  He didn’t budge…I think it was an Okinawan lizard standoff.  HaHa.  Only when K walked up behind it did Mr. lizard decided to head for the hills (under my fridge, that is).

Yeah, welcome to island life.  At least it isn’t a big spider or habu snake…they have those here.   I can deal with lizards and frogs…spiders and snakes are a whole different level…like heck no!

Speaking of hopping frogs…here’s a Friday Hop Along.  BreNaturally thinks Google+, e-mail, or wordpress/RSS.

Hop Along Friday


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