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A Day at the Marina

With Christmas just days away it was very odd to me that we went to a marina to spend the day…gorgeous sunshine beaming down, clear blue/green water of the ocean reflecting the light, and a soft breeze blowing just enough to keep it from being too warm.  Is it really December??  

Kadena Marina1Here in Okinawa it is December and swimming is still a possibility.  There were even people out on the water jet skiing.


E and I enjoying the sun.

Me and E1

E and K exploring. (check out the blue and green of the water…so pretty)


After walking all over the marina we got hungry.  Thankfully there was a restaurant right there were we could feed our hunger.  Such good food and with a beautiful view!

Kadena Marina food

K and I.

Me and K1

I can’t wait to get into the water and snorkel around this little island.  Not sure where the stairs go but I aim to find out…

Kadena Marina island

Some of the sights around the marina…there is a ton of corral.

Marina sights

We got these shells and a few small pieces of sea glass.

sea shells

We had a blast exploring the area and I got to find out a little bit more about diving.  It will be a bit pricey to start but I so think it will be worth it…after seeing what is on the shore I am positive the under water experience will be such an amazing adventure!

After the great day at the beach we headed to HB’s work Christmas party.  A full day with a great ending…food and friends.  I hope you all are enjoying the holidays…whether it’s beach or snow themed! 

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I’m also hopping on board the More Than Mommies Mixer (hosted by More Than Mommies and When Crazy Meets Exhaustion)…2 in one day! Ha.  They’re both so awesome I couldn’t pass them up!


I would be remiss not to mention the tragedy in CT.  My thoughts and prayers to all those involved.  May peace be with you and God’s healing hand be placed on your heart.  Those lost are in His hands.  


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