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Pan Dulce (Mexican Sweet Bread) = EPIC FAIL

So, E has an assignment for his Spanish class.  Chose a recipe featured in his reading and make it/bring it in for the class.  Points are given for being homemade, authentic recipe, and various other things.  Of course E chooses the most difficult of the recipes.  No rice, beans, or tortillas…oh no.  He chose the sweet bread (Pan Dulce)…made from scratch!  It takes 3 1/2 hours to make! Knead, punch down, let rest & rise, and shape.

I failed as a baker…I failed my son.  I feel like I let him down.  Something went wrong with the recipe…the dough never rose.  *sigh*  It’s flat, hard, round shaped hockey pucks.  With streusel topping. (At least that part tastes good.)  The yeast never activated…I’m not sure why.  Either it got too warm or wasn’t good in the first place.  Either way, he’s taking hockey pucks to school.  *sigh*  If it didn’t take a half a day to make I would try again.  However, this bread isn’t quick and I am so downhearted about the whole fiasco that I can’t hardly stand to be in my kitchen.  The pucks are mocking me…the sweet smell of the dough emanating from flat discs.  (I can’t bring myself to even take a picture of them.)  😦

How can I allow him to take those to school?!  Well, my only condolence is the teacher can’t dock him points since we tried.  E can take them in and if they choose, toss them in the trash.  Or just eat the topping.  *sigh*

MIMM (Marvelous in My Monday) time:

I made some pretty darned good Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes.  I plan to share that recipe tomorrow.   Here’s a sneak peak…(the frosting I could eat by itself)  Btw, peanut butter is marvelous!

 Peanut Butter Banana Cupcakes

I ran 3 miles and walked 1 more…exercise is marvelous!

E and I cooking is marvelous…even if it didn’t come out well.

E those muscles!

E kneading…work those muscles!

This tree I pass almost every day is marvelously creepy!

Marvelous TreeIt makes me think of a movie where the tree comes to life and pulls you into it’s branchy depths, never to be seen or heard from again!

Then there was the marvelous disaster that brought my day to an awful close.  Marvelously grand mess.

What’s the worst recipe disaster you’ve had?

Did you try the recipe again?

What’s been marvelous in your Monday?



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