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Friday…Not the End, 3 shopping days left! + Triple Cherry Snow Cap Cookies

It’s Friday!  I don’t know about you but I am excited!  Christmas is getting closer, HB and the boys have some time off, and I got my shopping done, done, done!  🙂  Picked up my last needed item for cooking today…no last minute rush to the store for this sister!  Whew.

Well, the world is still spinning and we haven’t all flown off it.  😉  Glad the Mayans were wrong.  Actually, I caught a few minutes of The View today and something Whoppie Goldberg said hit me…”Maybe they didn’t mean it was literally the end of the world.  They could have been saying it was the heralding of change, a season of change for us all.”  (Or something along those lines.)  It would be nice if we all took this time to herald a change.  After watching the news for even 2 minutes it is obvious that we need to do something.  I hope that all of us will take some time to reflect on the gifts we have been given and a way to share it with others.

I got to go out with some great ladies today…sushi and shopping!  The sushi was super delicious.  I totally was going to take a picture but got too busy stuffing my face and forgot.  This place is nifty…it’s on a convyer belt.  They put the sushi on a small plate and you pick the ones you want to try as it goes around.  You can also order off the menu.  After that we went to a large shopping mall and walked around.  It is a huge culture shock to be in a place where you can’t read anything!  When we were in Europe it was easier to “read” or at least make out some of the words…expecially if it had any latin base.  Here the symbols are many and varied.  We saw many things that were very difficult to even hazard a guess.  This however needed no translation:

SpamSpam seems to be a big thing here.  You can sub it into many of the dishes at restaurants if you don’t care for the beef, pork or chicken.

Then we stumbled upon this treasure!

Bake shop

The cutest bakery goods I have seen in a while.  That crawler has some serious good cream inside!  It was a coffee flavor.  HB was lucky I shared!

Speaking of baked goods, I know I have fallen behind on some recipes.  Here is the Triple Cherry Snow Caps I made yesterday.  I didn’t do it but these would be great either drizzled with chocolate or the bottoms dipped into chocolate.

Triple Cherry Snow CapsThis is a butter based recipe, no eggs.  You can bet your bottom I was licking the spoon and beater on this one!  😉  Yummy.  (Don’t worry, I don’t double dip.)

Well, we’re watching an appropriate film for the day…2012.  Earth Crust Displacement Theory.

Are you ready for the long weekend?

How much cooking and baking goes on in your house to prep for your Christmas feast?


Hopping along Friday Social hosted by Chubby Cheeks Thinks!


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