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Coco’s, Torii Station, Zanpa Beach (2 shopping days!)

Happy Saturday!  Only 2 shopping days left all…hope you’re not procrastinating on buying my gifts! 😉

Today was another day of exploration.  We decided to go eat at a highly talked about place…Coco’s Curry.  I must say, yum!  It was good, filling, and very resaonably priced.  After we were done eating, exploration was on the docket…let’s drive and see where it leads.  (Cell phones with GPS mapping all charged just in case and 1/2 tank of gas…good to go.)

I downloaded a new photo editor…just playing around.


Outside at Torii Beach w/K.  (Another editor funny)

K&I Sketch

Waiting at Coco’s for the food.

HB & I

The heat levels for curry…baby, mild, and 1-10.  Let’s just say HB had a level 5 and was a tad red.  My #1 was plenty spicy for me!  (Check out the faces and sweat on those box heads…lol)


Coco’s Curry…Beef Steak w/rice.  The ginger they had as a topping was delicious!

Coco's Spice level

Torii Prayer site

Torii Prayer site

Torii Beach

Torii Beach 1

Torii Beach…Mykel, Lou and Sarah

Torii Beach 2

Panorama of Torii Beach

Torii Beach 3

Giant Shisa Dog guarding a children’s play area at Zanpa Beach

Huge Shisa dog

Shisa Dog

Bre & Shisa

Climbing up to the Shisa Dog

climb to Shisa

And pose…


Say cheese Shisa!


Uh, can I jump?


Kanji Sign…I have no idea what it says…


K and the Shisa dog


Pink bus at Zanpa…I like it!

Pink bus

View at Zanpa

Zanpa Beach

Mykel checking out the water…

Zanpa Beach2

K checking for a way down

B&W Zanpa

K on a small cliff

Zanpa beach2

Zanpa Beach panorama

Zanpa beach3

Zanpa Beach panorama 2

Zanpa Beach4

Zanpa Lighthouse

Zanpa lighthouse

K wanted to jump down into the hole but the tide was quickly coming in…

K Zanpa Beach

Mykel and Sarah walking around the Zanpa Lighthouse area


Statue at Zanpa…K is “reading” the sign although it looks like he is saying a prayer.



It was a great day of exploring the island!

Tomorrow I buckle down and get my bake on for Christmas goodies.  Candy Cane cookies were requested and some fudge, possibly, if I am feeling frisky.  😉

Do you like to just explore a new area?  Plan it or on the fly?


One thought on “Coco’s, Torii Station, Zanpa Beach (2 shopping days!)

  1. I’ve linked your blog to Torii Station’s Facebook page, which currently has over 1000 viewers a week. If you like both coffee and chocolate go to San A (there’s one near Torii’s main gate) and get some Key Mocha coffee.

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