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1 Shopping Day! + Silver Dollar Cookies

Folks, it’s gettin’ real!  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!  There is 1, one…let me say it again, ONE shopping day left until Christmas!  And if your stores are anything like ours, you’re in trouble unless those you love don’t mind getting some bubble gum and a lighter as presents.  😉  Slim pickin’s!

Speaking of shopping…HB and I went out to look around.  It was around 4:30-5pm, the parking lot was full, and drizzle was in the air.  People were franticly rushing to grab up last minute gifts and/or snag a “great deal.”  I found some reindeer  I’d been eyeing 50% off the already reduced price of 50%!  I got 3 of them and after we walked the nearly bare aisles we headed to checkout.  The lines were long but as we only had 3 things we got into the express lane…which was about 8-10 people deep.  Looking at the makeup of those in lines it didn’t take long to deduce that most of the people were family groups and the checker was moving fairly quickly.  However, the lady behind us with a cart holding her “15 items or less” didn’t seem to think it was going fast enough.  As we stood in line she complained loud and often about how the “express lane is supposed to mean fast, therefore the express part.”  While she was in line her son stood to the side playing with his hula hoop, in the middle of the busy store, and she sent another child off to do some more shopping.  The huffing and puffing coming from her was enough to blow a house down.  It took all of my will not to turn around and remind her that she chose to shop the weekend before Christmas, her son needed to learn some manners, and her complaints of how “slow” the lane was going only made it go ever slower for those having to put up listening to her!

My next stop was the grocery store, aka Commissary.  I wanted to pick up some extra eggs, butter, milk and flour just to be safe.  Of course the lines there were just as long.  Thankfully I only needed a few items and the store has 5 express lanes (plus no whiney whinerson this time).  I grabbed the needed items and headed for my last grab…butter.  Peaking around a couple standing in front of the butter section I saw a line of margarine and 4 boxes of real butter sticks.  As I reached to grab 3 of the boxes the lady of the couple, holding a box of butter sticks in hand, complained to her husband, ” Seriously?!  With the time of year it is, you’d think they wouldn’t run out of butter!”  She then saw my hand and gasped, rather loudly, “AH!”  Thinking quickly of what I had on hand, I let one go and said, “Sorry, do you need one of these?”  I quickly walked away and headed to checkout.  No, I don’t feel bad…she should have gone shopping sooner!  Plus, there are other stores to get butter.  Upon reaching the car, I told HB of my butter blunder and he gave a fist pump and told me, “You shoulda take ALL of them!  HaHa, that would have taught her.”  🙂  Ok, I admit it crossed my mind for a split second.

Story telling time over.  Oh wait, I gotta show you this:


Oh yeah…HB beat me by 2 points!  (HB is normally a much better bowler than me…so this is a rarity to see.)

I have been a baking fool the last few days.  These are fastly becoming a favorite addition to my holiday cookie list!  Silver Dollar Cookies…a buttery almond shortbread type cookie dusted with powdered sugar.  Crisp and sweet, a bite will have the powdered sugar melting in your mouth while you get a light crunch from the ground almonds.  Easy peasy to make…blend, fridge, slice and bake!  Dust and done.  Delicious with some tea or a glass of milk.

Silver Dollar Cookie1

Silver Dollar Cookie2

After making some cookie dough to bake tomorrow, Candy Canes (Yum!), I set about making these Portuguese treats…Queisada Feijao (A Portuguese Bean Tart).  I’ve only made them once before and am slowly perfecting the recipe…the paper thin dough that you fill with the bean mixture is the hardest part!  (Yes, beans…they’re good.  K loves them!)Quiesada Feijao Queisada Feijao2 Queisada Feijao3

Even with all the baking, present buying and wrapping, holiday music, and decorations it still doesn’t feel like Christmas is just a day away!  I’m not ready…can we slow this down a smidge?  Next it will be a new year!  I’m so not ready for writing/typing 2013!!

Are you ready for the new year?

How long does it take you to get the hang of writing/typing the new year?


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